The Dalmatian coast of Croatia has a lot of wonderful places to stay. This coastline, in general, is a very popular place for many tourists.

Heaps of families, couples and single travelers go there every year to enjoy the beauty of this special coast. But what are the best places to stay? Which ones are the most comfortable? Which ones are the cheapest? Is there a good combination of both?

For me, there is only one place to stay on the Dalmatian coastline and that’s Omis. There are numerous reasons why I’d recommend this place. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is the first town I had ever stayed in on my trip to Croatia. But maybe it is just the fact, that it is the perfect spot for everyone: families, couples and singles.

I would also recommend staying at Split, Makarska or Trogir, but Omis is truely special. It is way smaller, but also just as beautiful as the other cities.

There are a couple of things that fascinate me about Omis:

  1. The old Roman style of the town (you find this everywhere in Croatia)
  2. The very clean and uncrowded beaches
  3. The fact that it is built around a small bay at the end of a long river
  4. It’s divided by the river into 2 separate parts
  5. It has a canyon in the back behind the mountain ranges
  6. It is the home of two old pirate castles

And these are just a few reasons. I could name many more.

These are all reasons to go to Omis in general, but what about the accommodation itself? Do you stay at a hotel or a homestay? Maybe even a backpackers hostel? They all have pros and cons to it, but all in all it depends on what you prefer and what you need. Of course it makes sense to stay at a good hotel or a nice homestay if you have kids and family with you. But anyhow, I will quickly give you a short overview of what options to choose from.

Where to Stay along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast


Omis has a couple of good hotels. You can easily find them on Google. The good thing about them is, that they are all lying in the center of this small village. You won’t find them in the hills. So everything you need is nearby: the beach, the shops, the restaurants, etc. But, therefore, you don’t have the special view, that you get from the top of the mountain ranges and it is a little louder in general.


A backpackers is the place to stay for singles, travelers and couples, who like a little more action. The positives sides are easy to see. It’s cheap and it’s central. Backpacker hostels also almost always offer various activities and it is easy to mingle with people from other countries. The downside is, that it is not very private and it can be a little messy and loud at night because of the parties. So it really depends if you are up for that or not.


Homestays can easily be found through VRBO e.g. I found a small flat in the mountain ranges with a spectacular view. The prices are set in between backpacker hostel and hotel prices, which is alright. You have the advantage, of interacting with locals, who can help you with everything. You also have your own comfortable private room/ flat, which is not too expensive. You find everything you need and you don’t have to share it with others. Most of the homestays  are located a bit out of the village, which make them even more relaxed. So I highly recommend them.

At the end of the day, everyone has to decide on his/ her own, but I know what I would choose. And that is the same everywhere within Croatia.


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