Welcome to Lyon – a special place where every year they held a big celebration for Christmas time, exactly on December 8th: Fête des lumières. 

A huge and impressive Christmas light festival going throughout the entire city for one long weekend, in order to celebrate and be thankful to Mary, mother of Jesus for every good during the year. 

Every year they build a complete visual set of lights in Lyon, where there can be not only visual but also some interactive activities within the lights, such as mapping along main buildings, music, parades and even interesting sports activities with lights included…you curious? Get into planning for next year!

Best thing to enjoy besides the lights themselves, is one thing we all love: FOOD!

A very traditional menu will be waiting for you in every little street and market stands with exquisite delicacies from the area. Don’t waste money on fancy restaurants or similar…just not worth the money or the experience!

And of course, don’t ever miss walking around with a freshly made glass of Mulled Wine

Visiting Lyon for Fête des Lumières

Getting to Lyon

Lyon is well connected with an airport (Saint Exupéry International) and train stations (Gare du Lyon Perrahce-Gare du Airport and Gare Lyon Parte-Dieu) connecting with all of France and other European regions. Since this lucky city has a strategic location in between the Alpes and several countries, this is definitely one good spot as for means of transportation. 

Traveling around Lyon

Lyon has a very efficient transport system, having subway, tram and buses covering all the place. As always, a good tip for travelers is getting the Lyon City Pass Card, which includes it all without trouble, for only 39 euros for a 3-day card. There are also available if wanted cards for 1 or 2 days only on a cheaper price.

Accommodation in Lyon

One thing you will find for sure is good quality hotels, from 1 star to 5 stars. But if you choose to visit during Fête des Lumières, make sure you check in advance since it can get very busy on this time of the year. We recommend booking your accommodation online well in advance. 

Yes, Lyon’s Fête des Lumières (Light Festival) is a big and unique event worldwide! Don’t miss this experience that will surely stimulate all your senses. Visiting Lyon is also one of the best trips in France.


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