Australia – the Land Down Under, a beautiful place filled with natural beauties, magnificent wildlife and biodiversity that is so unique that most of the tourists dread going back home.

Considering the size and the history of this continent, it is no surprise that Australia also has something to offer when it comes to viticulture. Australia’s wine industry has mushroomed over the last 10 years and it has outsold French wines and many others in British supermarkets.

So, let’s see where you absolutely need to go when choosing the top Australian wine regions to visit.

Australia wine regions

Yarra Valley, Victoria

The wine industry of Victoria dates back to a historic vineyard at Yering Station from 1938. That was only the beginning of a great tradition since now the Yarra Valley takes pride in its 300 vineyards and 160 wineries! Due to the great climate, this valley offers stunning products such as the sparkling Chardonnay, the aromatic Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Shiraz.

Other than that, this region is also famous for its unique winemakers. They are well known for their innovative production practices while maintaining an ample dose of respect for the land crafting emerging varieties. This is one of our favourite Australian wine regions for its sheer innovation and variety of wines produced.

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Yarra wine region, Australia
Yarra wine region, Australia

Warrandyte, Victoria

This charming area simply had to find its way to this list. Warrandyte region is yet another wonderful wine region, and if you are in search of a great winery near Melbourne, this is the place. There you’ll enjoy stunning nature (Warrandyte River Reserve) and great wine but there is also a chance for you to examine some of the finest pieces of pottery art because of the famous local Stonehouse gallery.

Of course, due to the cool climate and all around good environment conditions, you can also try a glass or two of the Italian favorite Prosecco and Olivigna Sauvignon Blanc. Wines you could enjoy in this region breathe Italian tradition. And who doesn’t love Italy?

Clare Valley, Southeast Australia

This gem is located near Adelaide in southeast Australia. It is a powerful contender for Australia’s most beautiful wine region. However, it is really difficult to decide what region is more beautiful, especially when compared to all of the featured ones on this list. The Clare Valley is one of the lesser-known areas but it really succeeds in holding its own against rivals such as the Margaret River and the Hunter Valley. How?

The Clare Valley offers a delightful combination of iconic Aussie bush, traditional stone architecture and stunning vineyards. Should you find yourself in the Clare Valley, you have to embark on the famous Riesling Trail which follows an old railway line through the magnificent countryside to the small town of Auburn where you can enjoy a glass of wine while learning about the history of the area.

Tamar Valley, Tasmania

This one is different due to the fact that you get to enjoy great wine but you also get to do it with some great food. The Tamar Valley is an area that is quickly becoming the region to beat, where climate conditions are great and Pinot and Riesling varieties will rocket you to the cloud nine. If you ever plan on visiting this region, make sure to check out Three Wishes and Holm Oak vineyards.

Do know that Launceston is the region’s largest city that is located in the north? Also, the area is easily accessible which makes it a great starting point on your journey to discovering this region.

Australian Wine Farm, Australia
Australian Wine Farm

Hunter Valley, New South Wales – one of the oldest Australian wine regions

Of course, this region cannot be excluded from the list. It would be blasphemous. The Hunter Valley was established in the mid-19th century and its founder is the man himself, the father of Aussie wine James Busby. He brought 20,000 vine cuttings to Australia from Europe and thanks to him we can enjoy the Hunter Valley’s full-flavoured Chardonnay, earthy Shiraz and Semillon. This area is also quite popular with some world-famous performers such as Elton John and even The Rolling Stones. It is a classic and well-worthy of your attention and time.

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Now that you have a brief insight into what Australia has to offer when it comes to wine, you’re probably going through your calendar looking to find some time to book a flight and visit. You are sure to taste some delectable wine, regardless of the Australian wine regions you decide to visit.

And who can blame you? Wine connoisseurs surely can’t.


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