When you think of Croatia, you think of Dubrovnik: a walled city which is set on the Adriatic sea.

However, most people do not know about the beautiful island called “Korcula“.

Korcula is often referred to as “Mini Dubrovnik”.

It is as beautiful as Dubrovnik but a bit smaller and definitely has less tourists. To reach this island, you can take a ferry from either Dubrovnik or Split and it takes about 4-5 hours to get there. The journey alone is worth it and is breathtaking as you go through hundreds of islands.

Upon arrival, you are welcomed in a medieval walled town which is surrounded by beautiful blue clear water. There is also the beautiful St. Marks Cathedral which is the largest church in the city. The island is also believed to be the birth place of Marco Polo.

For those that love the beach, you will find clear and still water around the island. There are both rocky and sand beaches accessible by a short walk from the city centre.

For the foodie or gourmet travellers, you will enjoy the lovely Croatian cuisine as it is filled with fresh seafood. Seafood platters are of giant portions and can easily be shared among two people and amazing tuna steaks. The island is also full of Italian restaurants for those who are not big on seafood.

If you are trying to save money, a great option on the island is to do a home stay. We were welcomed by an older couple who had their grandkids on the first floor and two rooms that got rented out on the second floor. Not only was the place spotlessly clean, but we had a lovely view of the sea and it did not break the bank. The other option is renting a villa for those travelling with children or in a large group.

The island is a perfect addition to your trip to Croatia and can easily be fit into as little as a day or two day visit, or you can spend weeks just relaxing, hiking and eating the great food that is available on the island.


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