Your 20’s is for exploring as much as you can. It’s for taking every opportunity that comes your way, learning new skills, tasting new foods, and discovering new places. Plus, there’s the opportunity for group travel for 20 somethings!

Travel in your 20’s is always so exciting. It’s likely to be the first time that you are venturing out on your own without your parents or family members. It’s your first taste of freedom. You’re getting to make your OWN decisions. Choose your own travel destinations. And explore new destinations through excited eyes. Flip, it’s just so damn cool.

Our 20’s are packed with milestones - college graduations, post-grad, first job, moving house (or cities/countries), new relationships (romantic and friendships), and career jumps. With the various milestones comes various types of trips.

While it’s awesome to venture out on your own and take that life-changing solo trip, there’s also plenty of time to take a few group travel trips while in your 20’s. 

We’ve listed five different options for group travel for 20 somethings. From wild carefree party trips to more serious work trips.

Group travel for 20 somethings
Group travel for 20 somethings

Group travel for 20 somethings: 5 group trips you have to take

1. Group trip with your college friends

Whether it’s just a long weekend trip to a nearby city, spring break party trip, or longer summer vacation, traveling with your college friends is bound to be a fun experience. Gather up your besties, find a road trip car, and head out on an adventure. Do it as often as possible — whenever there’s a break in assignments, tests, and exams. 

This is the time in your life where you have lots of free time – long vacations are a forgotten feature when your working life begins. Take advantage while in college!

2. International post-graduation group trip

You’re free! Celebrate the years of having your head in the books by taking an international group   trip with your college buddies. It’s time to go out and see the world.

Create your own version of EuroTrip and party your way across Europe. Head to Asia for some culture and delicious food. Hike your way through South America. Or join a volunteer group in Africa. The world really is your oyster. Your post-graduation friends’ trip is your chance to let loose and have fun.

3. Family reunion group trip 

It’s time to gather up the family from each of their corners of the world and plan a big family reunion group vacation. As you get older, family time gets more scarce. And you also start to cherish it so much more. If your family lives far from each other, then planning a group trip in a central location is a great way to get everyone together.

It can be for someone’s milestone birthday (happy 90th granny!), a family wedding, Thanksgiving, or just because.

Now, family trips can be tricky. It’s hard to please everyone from granny and aunt Margs to cousin Tom and the kids. Patience will be needed. But, you can do it. It will likely end up being way more fun than you would have imagined.

4. Organized group trip with strangers

Think of it as a solo trip, but you’re not alone. You’re with a bunch of strangers. We’re talking about a Contiki-type trip. Organized group trips are awesome if you’re keen to travel in a group but can’t round up enough of your own friends to join you.

Everything is organized for you, all you need to do is rock up and enjoy the trip. These types of trips generally attract similar types of people, so you’re probably going to make some life-long friends along the way. Though, be prepared for the odd bad egg.

5. Work trip

Your first big work trip – be it a conference, team-building, or seeking new business. If the opportunity to travel within your job comes up, grab it with both hands and pack your bag immediately. Yes, it won’t be all fun and games. You will be required to do some work – they can actually get quite hectic, depending on what you do. But there’s nothing like being able to see a new destination on someone else’s dime. 

Try wrangle it to squeeze in some ‘down time’ for exploring on your own – either in the evenings or perhaps a day or two after the work stuff is done.

Another type of work trip is joining a ‘work-away’ group. This one is for the digital nomads/ freelancers/ entrepreneurs out there. There are loads of organizations that gather like-minded people to travel together to work in foreign destinations. Everyone is doing their own work, but staying and co-working together in a unique destination. This can be anything from a week to a few months at a time. Check out our tips for working remotely!

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