Situated in the Bay of Bengal is the breathtakingly beautiful archipelago called the Andaman Islands of India.

The Andaman Islands are known to be the home of the Sentinelese people. This tribe has no contact with mankind. It is a restricted area for the trespassers and people here are nomads still living on raw meat and with scantily or unclad bodies.

In Andaman, most of the population believes in the religion which can be best described as Monotheistic Animism. These tribes residing on the Island believe in only one deity Paluga. They believe whatever is happening on the Earth is as per the wish of the Lord Paluga.

Apart from the mesmerizing and enchanting beauty of the place, there are a lot of places that are still unexplored by many. So why not check out some of the unexplored places in Andaman?

Unexplored places in Andaman

Baratang Island – natural wonders in Andaman

The untouched beauty of this place is yet to be explored by many tourists. Some natural wonders of this place will leave visitors dumbstruck. Regular bus services are available from Port Blair to reach this Island. You can ask your local tour operators to help explore this place better. It is 100 km away from Port Blair. The places to explore on Baratang Island are the Limestone Caves, Parrot Island and the Mud Volcanoes.

Limestone Caves

It is known as the traveler’s paradise – one of the best unexplored places in Andaman. You can explore the naturally formed caves. The beauty of the caves cannot be explained unless seen.

Parrot Island

This place has the most unique view of the Andaman Sea. The attraction of this place is the homecoming parrots at dusk forming indelible memories.

Mud Volcanoes

To see this natural phenomenon one has to travel 4 km in a jetty from Baratang Island.

Havelock Island – mysterious places in Andaman

One of the most mysterious and unexplored places in Andaman is Havelock Island. The natural wonder of the bioluminescence in the sea is mesmerizing and the best tourist spot. The illuminated water by the shore at night leaves any visitor spellbound.

Ross and Smith Island

Not many people are aware of the fact that The Ross and Smith Island are two single islands, sometimes. These Islands are connected by the natural sandbar. This sandbar gets hidden when it is high tide thus making two separate islands. During low tides, the sandbar is clearly seen and the two islands can be distinguished easily.

Mount Harriet

Hardly anyone is aware of the fact that the scenery shown at the back of the Indian twenty rupee note is a snapshot from Mount Harriet. It is the third highest peak of the Andaman Islands with the most exquisite scenery.

Rangat – mangrove creeks

Another beautiful and pristine place to visit is the mangrove creeks. The 700m long walkway at the Dhani Nallah is one of the best tour travel experiences.

The Andaman Islands and their beauty have new stories to tell with each passing day. Plan a holiday soon and make sure to include some of the unexplored places in Andaman.


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