I traveled with a bunch of travelers for a long weekend to Tirol in Austria. We had lots of fun with many different activities.

The Alps offer a stunning landscape and also so many different things to do.

Let’s see what their personal highlights were of this trip:

Erik’s (Around the Globe) highlight: Off-Track Cross-Country Skiing

Everybody knows Austria is the place to be when you love to ski or to snowboard on one of the best slopes in Europe, but there is so much more the country has to offer during winter. While learning how to ski was a personal highlight of the trip, I also enjoyed the heaps of other winter activities Tirol has to offer.

Exploring the area on a snowshoe walking tour in meters thick fresh snow during the day and sliding down the mountain on a sledge like a kid in the evening, made it and unforgettable trip. To top it off we enjoyed the typical Austrian food to renew our energy levels for the next day of winter activities in the Kitzbuehel Alpen.

Elena’s (CreativElena) highlight: Huskies

A love story from Tyrol. Huskies, let me tell you, are just stunningly beautiful and utterly mesmerizing animals. Huskies make that the world becomes quiet, if but for a moment. Huskies are Martin’s life. “Come on in”, he calls on us with a friendly smile, standing by the fence of his husky enclosure.

Some 20 huskies roam the grounds, completely free, without being tied to chains or anything. Unique all over Austria, as Martin likes to emphasize.” … Definitely, my highlight on this blogtrip #inAustria. I have really enjoyed spending all these morning hours with Martin and his huskies, enhanced by the absolute silence of perfect snowfall around us … Moments never to forget, and it came across in my story.

My husky video has been viewed by 40.000 people (2.2k views on Facebook), and I know from comments & feedback that several people had already required to book and stay with Martin, which makes me absolutely glad having been there to highlight this very gem #inAustria. #LoveTirol !!! 😀

Rapunzel’s (Rapunzel Will Raus) highlight: Lamas

Name your highlights, they told me. But where to start when the whole trip to Austria was on big highlight? A dogsled ride with huskys, a toboggan ride at night, a visit to a pilgrimage church or just the tasty food… But to be honest, there was one outstanding thing: the lamas! Have you ever been walking in snowy Tirol with lamas? Probably not.

But in Tyrol nearly everything is possible. So is going for a walk with a lama. The visit of a lama ranch and the walk during winter wonderland in Austria was kind of magical. I’ll never forget the beautiful time I’ve spent with the lamas – even if they can be as stubborn as a donkey.

Veronika’s (VeronikasAdventure.com) highlight: Fat Biking

I have given a try to a new sport – fat biking! What a great opportunity to explore the rolling hills, beautifully covered in snow. Fat biking looks just like normal mountain biking, the only difference is its monster tires. They are about 10 centimeters wide, and make the bike pretty stable even on otherwise risky surface such as snow or ice! This monster bike is born for though conditions, really! 

My instructor Kurt from Bike Academy took me around, starting at the small town St Johann in Tirol. We explored the small roads where one would never get during the winter. Despite the bumpy looks, the bike is surprisingly light (just about 15 kilos!). I had so much fun that afternoon!

Luca’s (NonSoloTuristi) highlight: Embracing the landscape

There are many things you can do when you travel abroad, one of my favorite is sitting in a train, doing nothing, just embracing a new landscape.  Austria is the quiet neighbour, just few kilometers from home and it’s incredible how it looks so different from Italy

I left when it was still dark and slowly I came trough the Alps. Suddenly a white blanket covered all the world and it kept going on during all my stay. It was a magic, a simple but stunning companion, that filled my days. I walked trough it, I skied, I slipped, but what I bring back are hills and mountains as white as a candid and new world.

Becki’s (Borders of Adventure) highlight: Segway

I never knew you could ride a Segway in the snow until I got to Tirol. Tough chains added to the wheels to give you the extra grip needed for rolling through the white pathways of the forest and to lightly whip through the soft patches of fresh snow.

Constantly in bewilderment, we glided through a fairy-tale wilderness in a quiet convey. It made for a completely different experience to the summer adventures that segways are normally associated with.

Sofie’s (Wonderful Wanderings) highlight: Huskies

Visiting Husky Ranch Angerberg was an absolute highlight for me. I’m not a dog person by far, but these huskies are simply amazing creatures. They were so calm and immediately came cuddling with us. It was fascinating to see their calmness turn into excitement when the sled came out and they realized they were taking a couple of us for a run.

That wasn’t the only treat we got, though, because afterward the huskies were being fed and we could see the hierarchy within the pack in full operation. Some dogs would jump right in and eat the meat where they found it, while others would drag it a bit further away and yet others would wait until it was their turn. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Paul’s (Trav Monkey) highlight: Fat Biking

Winter in The Kitzbühel Alps isn’t just all about skiing and snowboarding. I absolutely loved crunching through the thick snow on a Fat Bike. These two wheel machines have oversized “fat” tires allow you to explore biking trails and back routes that were previously inaccessible with a normal mountain bike.

It’s the perfect alternative to a day on the slopes, beginners can take a leisurely ride through beautiful snow covered meadows whilst the more advanced mountain bikers can tackle the downhill trails. Steep sections can be a challenge, but it’s equally rewarding to put your head down and to hear the wind whistling past your ears whilst speeding through the winding downhill forest trails.

It’s a great way to explore different areas of Tirol whilst giving your overworked ski and snowboarding muscles a much needed off-day.

Eva’s (travellina) highlight: White Duvet of Snow

While there were so many exciting programs and activities organized, my top highlight in Austria was simply the fluffy, white duvet of snow – a true fairly tale forest that I have never seen before. I was on ski trips a number of times before, but never in so great conditions, in knee-high fresh snow.

Also, I appreciated it a lot, that the slopes are so extensive, that they never got too busy.  As I never had a regular instructor in my life, I jumped into the opportunity to ask a pro, how to improve my techniques.

Even though I had no time to fully master the skiing, at least, I know how to look like a skier, instead of a „bus driver” (the local slang for those, whose body does not turn into the direction of valley while turning).

Julie’s (Carnets de Traverse) highlight: Huskies

You can meet these beautiful dogs in Tyrol, at Angerberg Ranch. Compared to others I’ve seen, they are the most beautiful ones… and much quieter! No barking at all! These dogs are super affectionate and more, they came to us naturally, asking for hugs.

I must confess I am melting…There are Siberians and Alaskans: smart brown eyes, deep blue eyes, and even some minnows… They are all different and truly amazing. I had such a great time with them, caressing them and photographing them. They really look like wolves. Their fur is just incredible, especially in the neck ! I could not stop passing my hand in it.

Jenny’s highlight: Biathlon

Biathlon is a totally new game for me. Cross-country skiing is a little bit hard, though I tried it twice before in Canada and Switzerland. But I’m still a beginner and always fell. Luckily the snow in Tirol is powdery, so that it doesn’t hurt. I’ve never tried the shooting before. It made me so excited, although it was really hard while it was snowing. I practiced it several times, and did well in the lying position. Such a good experience in Tirol.


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