Skiing is an excellent way to spend the holidays.

Whether you are heading out with friends or just with your significant other, you’ll find it to be great fun that you will remember for years. However, this is a sport that can be dangerous. This is why you should make sure you take the time to properly prepare.

Here’s what you need to know about preparing for your ski trip:

Start with a Lesson

If you have never gone skiing before then the first thing you should do is take a lesson on skiing. This will teach you the basics. It may seem easy but even standing in skiis can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. You want to make sure you can maneuver in the skiis throughout the slope so you can stay safe and have fun. If you do not know what you are doing you will not be able to enjoy yourself and may even be injured.

You Need to Practice Before You Hit the Slopes

You may be wondering why you should practice before hitting the ski slopes if you have already taken a lesson. Think about it like any other skill in life. Just because you get a lesson on the piano does not mean you will be prepared to play a concert on your own. You need to practice before you go out to ensure you are ready. Even if you have experience skiing practice can help to bring back that muscle memory and help you to warm up before you hit the slopes.

Exercises That Can Help

Another thing you need to consider when you are asking why you should practice before hitting the ski slopes is exercise. Long before your holiday you should do some exercises that will help give your muscles the strength you need to ski without falling and injuring yourself. You want to focus on your thigh and glute muscles, especially with squats and lunges. Along with this you want to work on your core muscles, the abs and back, You should also work on longer cardio sessions as this will help improve your endurance for skiing as well.

Injuries that Can Occur

You should know that there is a more practical reason to practice before skiing and that is to avoid common skiing injuries. These are most commonly knee injuries that occur when a ski goes out from under a person. Along with this, arm injuries are very common. This is because many people try to put their arms out to protect themselves when they fall which can result in breaks, shoulder dislocations or sprains. There can also be damage to the neck or back depending on how bad the fall is. The many sports injuries out there can happen with skiing which is why you should practice before hitting the ski slopes.

What to Do if You are Injured

There is a chance you could be injured while you are skiing, even if you practice. Even professionals get injured and it is exactly why you should practice before hitting the ski slopes. While practicing will reduce this risk you still need to know what to do in the event there is an issue.

  • If you are feeling severe neck or back pain wait for a medical professional to help you before you try to move.
  • Get checked out. Even if you can stand up on your own afterwards, you want to be sure you know how extensive the damage is.
  • Make sure you go in for treatment. You may require therapy or continuing care to help you fully recover.
  • A chiropractor is one of the best options after skiing injuries. They can help you recover fully and quickly. 


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