Believe it or not, there is more to the UK than London and Big Ben. Yep, there are places to visit in England other than London!

It is a beautiful, green country, full of hidden spots that can surprise and amaze you.

The best places to visit in England other than London

I have chosen only five, but there are many, many more to visit:

1. Cornwall

Located in the far west of the country it is one the favourite summer holidays destinations among the English people. Strong winds and access to Atlantic Ocean makes it a perfect spot for surfers. One of the best known towns on the coast, Newquay, is full of surfing shops and offers courses for total beginners and those more experience.

The area is also known for its dramatic landscapes. Read about the best places to visit in Cornwall.

best places to visit in England other than London
Cornwall, England

2. New Forest

Do you love horses? If your answer is yes, then this is your paradise! There are hundreds of them wandering the streets of little towns, gardens, meadows and forests. It seems like they don’t have their owners, but I was told that all of them are marked and most of the people living in the area own one or two of these magnificent animals. Most of the horses though are completely wild and will remain that way until the rest of their lives.

3. Bath

This old Roman town has a great, laid back atmosphere. There is a beautiful old town with little shops and cafes, a beautiful abbey, a pump room where you can drink some of the water drawn from hot springs, Jane Austen centre, parks, gardens and a spa where you can bath in the hot springs and admire the town’s landscape.

But the most famous place is the world heritage site – the Roman baths. The complex was built around the Britain’s only hot spring, which still flows with hot water. Today, you can walk where Romans once walked and admire the buildings from within.

4. Lake District

Ancient woodlands, clear lakes, dramatic landscape and a lot of opportunities for you to enjoy the great outdoors – do I need to say more? Unlike anywhere else in the UK, there is lack of modern development in the uplands, which allows visitors to enjoy the wilderness even more.

5. Brighton

There are a lot of beautiful places in the UK and why did I choose Brighton and not Scotland? Well, if you a foreigner and you visit this town during one of not many hot summer days (preferably during a weekend) you will be able to experience the real British life style. The town is vibrant and full of people during the summer.

Rent a deck chair and spend some time observing others, drink a cider, eat some fish and chips, go on a roller coaster and wait until the sun set. I guarantee it will be a memorable day.

This list is far from complete! There are so many more places to visit in England other than London. While we love London, it’s always great to explore the rest of the country – especially for the locals!


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