If you’re moving to Gibraltar for business or pleasure, then it’s essential to take time to find out as much as you can about the place.

Gibraltar is situated south of the Iberian Peninsula. The 6.8 square kilometers of land is just 70km from the Mediterranean coast of the Marbella Spanish resort. 

Although Gibraltar may feel more African with its warm and sunny atmosphere, it is, in fact, a British territory. This part of the United Kingdom is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and one of the easiest to get around. Some of Gibraltar’s attractions for anyone living in the UK include the beautiful weather, rich history, and culture. 

If you’re in the UK and considering relocation to Gibraltar, then this post is for you. Read on to find out why you should consider moving to Gibraltar from the UK and how you can do this seamlessly. 

Why Relocate to Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a fantastic place to move to and live in. This is true for almost everyone, but it’s particularly true if you live in the UK.

Here are the top six reasons why you should consider relocating to Gibraltar from the UK.

1. Warm and Lovely Weather.

One of Gibraltar’s high points and a reason to move from the UK is the sharp contrast in weather between the UK and Gibraltar. While the UK is mostly cold, Gibraltar is mostly warm. It can even boast of 300 sunny days in a year. 

The weather is beautiful for a sun tan, beach bath, and a whole lot of outdoor relaxation and fun. Even in the winter cold season, the weather is tolerable. Anyone that needs a break from the cold region of UK weather can move to Gibraltar and enjoy the sun.

2. Flexible Taxation System

The taxation system in Gibraltar is designed to the advantage of the residents. The governments provided a two option type of taxation system. This makes it a very flexible form of taxation. The two options are the income-based taxation system and the allowance-based taxation system. Residents are allowed to pick whichever of the taxation system works for them. 

In fact, the standard tax rate is just 20%. This 20% is dependent on your income level and the tax choice you choose. More interesting is the fact that there is no tax payment on savings interest or even dividends. 

As a retiree in Gibraltar, you won’t have to pay any tax because retirees don’t pay any tax from their pensions. Neither are you paying any inheritance tax. If there is any country that cares about the financial status of its residents, it is Gibraltar.  

3. Thriving Environment for Business

It goes without saying that the easy, flexible taxation system will automatically create an environment where business can flourish effortlessly. Aside from the fact that the physical features are an attraction for tourists, the mostly warm weather creates an energetic atmosphere, which is good for business. 

Therefore, it’s no wonder that most businesses in Gibraltar thrive well. If you love your business and think of taking it to the next level, Gibraltar is a business-friendly and business thriving environment that you should consider. 

4. Interesting Food Varieties and Mix

If there is one place in the world, with a unique blend of African and European cuisines, it is Gibraltar. This is mostly because of its physical and geographical setting as well as its history. The cultural mix has produced a fine blend of music, entertainment and cuisine. 

You can always enjoy delicious African delicacies, Spanish cuisine or even British tongue teasing meals. If you also desire, you can have a unique blend of the three or any two. Gibraltar’s common foods range from seafood, pasta dishes, and fruits, not to mention the national favorite, Calentita, and assortments of drinks. If you are a food lover, Gibraltar should be one of your best destinations.

5. Great Landscape View

One of the distinctive features of Gibraltar is ‘The Rock.’ The Rock offers a viewpoint that exposes Gibraltar’s beauty, the lush green vegetation and the beaches. Gibraltar’s beauty can also be seen from the natural reserve, which provides an endless tourist attraction. The Rock is situated in the natural reserve, and the surrounding greenery offers a home to the only wild monkeys in Europe- more than a hundred of them. 

It also serves as a stopping point for some migratory birds. They are very beautiful to watch whenever it’s their passage time. Right at The Rock foot is a large beautiful botanical garden. The beauty of this garden is not only in look but in its history. The garden goes as far back as 1816. Residents and tourists love to visit to explore the different plant collections such as the 300 years dragon tree and the 200 years old stone pine. 

6. Easy Accessibility To Other Countries And States, Especially The UK

If there is any reason, you should consider moving to Gibraltar from UK, especially if none of the reasons above appeals to you is accessibility. Gibraltar is easily accessible from and to other countries. The airports provide quick and easy access to UK States like Manchester, London, Heathrow, Bristol etc. 

Besides, from the UK, you can easily access cities like Casablanca and even Tangier directly from Gibraltar. And if you want to leave Gibraltar for some few days of relaxation, and you don’t want to take any flight, you can always drive to the historic Costa del Sol city in Marbella. You are surely going to enjoy the nightclubs and the foods.

Pros and Cons Of Moving To Gibraltar

Gibraltar is full of life, offers exciting adventure opportunities, and it’s an excellent place to do your business successfully, especially if you consider the flexible taxation system.

However, as much as it has a lot of pros to get your attention, it also has some cons. Some of which include:

1. Expensive Lifestyle: 

Gibraltar is an expensive place to live in, and the cost of living is on the high side, especially if you compare it with other States in Europe. However, this shouldn’t dissuade anyone who wants to live there; it only means you have to plan your budget better.

2. Overcrowded: 

Gibraltar is overcrowded. This is mainly because it’s just a small island that caters to many people, tourists and businesses beyond its capacity. The over rowdy nature of the state automatically increases the volumes of noise and discourage more people from joining the already “too much crowd.”

3. Fewer Job Opportunities

It is safe to always secure a job before moving to Gibraltar. This is due to the unavailability of ready employment. It’s better to have a job waiting for you to avoid staying unemployed after you have moved.

Culture, HealthCare and Language

With the geographical location of Gibraltar, it is not unusual to find and hear different tongues. Due to the cultural mix, some groups speak Gilbratar’s native Arabic language. Others speak Portuguese or Spanish. You might also hear some speaking Italian and Russian. 

Nonetheless, the official and most popular language is the English language. However, you’ll notice that most locals are actually bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English. 

Gibraltar boasts of its own healthcare system. It is interesting to know that Gibraltar healthcare is one of the best in the axis and meets international standards, with the majority of the medical practitioners trained in the UK. 

With the modern facilities and equipment available in the hospitals, most sicknesses and diseases are treatable. So you don’t have to worry about the healthcare system because you’ll be in good hands. Besides, if you work in Gibraltar, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of free healthcare services.

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Do I Need A Work Permit?

As a European, you don’t need a work permit to work in Gibraltar. However, for non EU citizens, it is necessary to get a work permit for an opportunity to work in Gibraltar. This rule is only exempted for Swiss nationals. 

You might even need a Visa to secure a job and work in Gibraltar. This is, however, not difficult to obtain. All you have to do is apply for the visa either online or through your home country’s British Embassy. 

Where to Live In Gibraltar

The decision of where to live in Gibraltar will be based on several factors. These factors include your immediate and future plans: the location and the type of work you do, and your budget. Nonetheless, there are some beautiful towns that you can choose from, once your decision is made. These towns include the San Rogue, La Lines, Alcaidesa and Santa Margarita. 

The Money Situation In Gibraltar

Gibraltar, though small, is caught between the Spanish and the British government. This situation has led to some conflict of interest between both governments on currency issues. The British pounds and Spain’s Euro is acceptable in Gibraltar. 

The way around the situation, however, is to use money exchangers. Money exchangers can easily transfer money from UK to Gibraltar through a Gibraltar or Spanish bank account.


Gibraltar is an exciting place to live in. Either you are relocating there to find new employment opportunities, establish your business or just to retire and spend some great time on the beaches; you will definitely enjoy your moments in Gibraltar. This is if, of course, you can afford the high cost of living there.


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