Hossa National Park is the newest National Park in Finland, opened in June of 2017, but is also one of the first national trails for hiking in Finland which opened up in 1979.

The history around Hossa National Park dates back about 8,000 years ago when the first inhabitants arrived after the Ice Age had ended. Today, there are still many traces of human existence scattered throughout the park as well as many new and modern ways to explore the park grounds including walking, skiing, canoeing and rowing.

Hiking in Finland: A guide to Hossa National Park hiking trails

There is a total of 100 kilometres of marked hiking trails60 kilometres of water routes and 60 kilometres of maintained ski trails across the 90 square kilometre grounds around Hossa National Park. So, I guess the question now would be…. where do you start?

Let this photo guide inspire you to find your favourite places on the Hossa National Park map and start planning the perfect hiking route for your trip.

There are a number of hiking trails to choose from, here are just a few you can consider:

  • Luontopolku – Nature Trail (3 kilometres)
  • Muikkupuron mutka Trail (3 kilometres)
  • Hakokosken hujaus Trail (5 kilometres)
  • Ölökyn yiitys Trail (5 kilometers)
  • Huosiuksen huikonen Trail (8 kilometres)
  • Värikallion kaarros Trail (8 kilometres)
  • Laukkujärven lenkki Trail (10 kilometres)
  • Ölökyn ähkäsy Trail (10 kilometres)
  • Kokalmusksen kierros Trail (14 kilometres)

No one said you had to choose just one, so pick one or pick a few and mix and match. There are many beautiful and historical sights to see throughout Hossa National Park, you’ll be lucky to see it all in a week’s time.

For our wilderness adventures, we decided to camp out in hammocks overnight (read more about other Hossa National Park accommodation) and explore a mix of hiking trails including the Kokalmusksen kierros Trail and the Värikallion kaarros Trail to combine our hiking experience into 18 intense and beautiful kilometres. The ultimate hiking in Finland experience!

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our expert guide, Tarmo, from Hossa Travel who not only guided us through Hossa National Park over the course of 24 hours, but also taught us how to fish for our own dinner, make a salad from wild herbs and even speak a little Finnish to fellow hikers passing by.

Download the Hossa National Park map and get started on your planning for hiking in Finland!


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