We all love Europe. Don’t we?

It is a beautiful continent, and we all have considered going there once in our life. Apart from sightseeing, it has many compelling places to hike and camp. Camping in Europe, paired with hiking, can turn into the most amazing trip.

You will need backpacking tent, backpacking packs, sleeping pads, hiking boots, etc. and other equipments to make your traveling to these trains a worth-visiting experience – here’s all the camping gear that you’ll need.

So, guys get your backpacks and boots on, let’s go on a journey and find out some of the best hikes in Europe and the best campsites in Europe. Make sure to check out some of the top natural wonders in Eastern Europe.

Tip: Autumn in Europe is a great season for hiking and camping!

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Best Hikes in Europe

Tour Du Mont Blanc

It is one of the best hikes in Europe. Mont Blanc, the highest mountain of the European Union, has splendid valleys which extend to France, Switzerland, and Italy. The length of this trail is 110 miles. It will take a total of 11 days to complete the route. Perplexed about which things to hands-on when hiking?

Tour Mont Blanc, France
Tour Mont Blanc, France


Kungsleden, also known as The King’s Trail, is a 270 miles route. This trail is located in the north of Sweden. It is a journey of hiking trail in summers and ski trail in winters. Kungsleden features glaciers, forest, and river and is a sight to hold. Most people do a section of trail as it is divided into four and not possible to cover all the sections.

Camping in Europe, Sweden
Kungsleden, Sweden


GR20 is considered as one of the most difficult GR. It is approximately 112 miles that cross Corsica diagonally from north to south. GR20 can be done without using ant hiking gears, but after that, you will be rewarded by its exceptional beauty. It can be walked in 15 days.

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Laugavegur is also known by the name ’Hot Spring Route’ and extends up to 34 miles in Iceland. It is a beautiful landscape, where you will come across plenty of huts which only adds to its beauty. This trail features active volcanoes, glaciers and green valleys. It will take 2-4 days to complete the whole hike.

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West Highland Way

The towns, Milngavie and Fort William, are connected by this 96 miles long route called West Highland Way which is the most popular hiking route in Scotland. This trail offers the most spectacular sceneries you will ever come across. It will take 6-8 days to complete.

Best hikes in Europe, Scotland
West Highland Way, Scotland

Best Campsites in Europe

Weichselbrunn campgrounds

Weichselbrunn is ranked as one of the best camping sites in Europe and is located amongst lakeside. It is in Germany.  It is a beautiful camping site and has spectacular scenery. You can go fishing, hiking, swimming, etc. here.

Half Island river camp

It is located on the edge of the river Buna and is just a few kilometers from one of the largest and beautiful cities of Europe, Buna. Here, you can also go on hiking and do fishing. You won’t be disappointed by this place if you are a lover of trees and rivers.


This camping ground in Slovenia is special and different. There are only around 80 spaces for camping, divided in two sections, one for tents and one for campervans. There are several timber huts where you can place your tent in or you choose a rental tent with mattress and bedding. And of course you can also place your own tent on the grass.

The campground is right next to the Savinja river, which invites to a cold and refreshing bath. You can prepare your meals at an open kitchen, made out of timber, which also got a covered common dining area. The showers are clean and in mobile containers and the water gets heated by solar panels. There are many fun activities at the campground itself, like tube riding, slackline, volleyball etc and many more in the region (rafting, canyoing, horse riding, hiking, climbing…).

La Ballena Alegre

It lies right next to the sea at the Costa Brava in Spain. This is a camping site with a few more pitches and it also offers different types of bungalows. There are several pools, a supermarket, restaurant and many fun activities at the beach (diving, windsurfing, kitesurf, stand-up-paddle…) or for the ones who like sports (tennis, aerobic, fitness, paddleboard…). There is even a wellness center, a doctor’s office and good equipped supermarket.

The region of Costa Brava got lots to offer on top for the ones who like activities, culture or the good food.

Son Bou Menorca Camping

This place is located in Spain. This is a luxurious camping site (glamping) which includes a playground, pool and tennis court. It is located between a pine tree forest and an island. You can have an option of tent camping or hiring cabins. This also includes hiking, bicycling, surfing, water skiing, etc. These are a few activities, but this place provides much more.

Camping Son Bou in Menorca, Spain
Camping Son Bou in Menorca, Spain

Valle Santa Maria Camping

If you want to go camping alongside the white beaches of Italy, then you should definitely check this place out. Here you can do many fun-filled activities like swimming, sunbathing, hiking, etc. Spending an evening along the splendid beaches with your loved one, who doesn’t want that?

Valle Santa Maria, Italy
Valle Santa Maria, Italy

Forest Days

This campsite has four fully-furnished tents which are raised on wooden platforms. It is located in Spain. This is a glamping site, and all four tents are separated from one another to give one a secluded area. It is a beautiful sight to withhold and is a fantastic location to go camping in Europe.


Extra Equipment Tip

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