Do you think you have a wanderlust gene?

Do you desire to camp at the most beautiful places on Earth? It might not be your first thought, but camping in Iceland is very much a possibility.

Iceland shall be on top of your list because it is considered to be one of the most mesmerizing places to visit in the world. It is so wild, beautiful, rugged and relaxing to be at a place like this.

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Top tips for camping in Iceland

There are several tips that you need to take care of, if you are planning to go for camping in Iceland. These include:

Camping in Iceland
Campsites in Iceland

Go in the Autumn

Even though you cannot always choose the best time to visit a place, but if you can, then surely choose the season of Autumn to go camping in Iceland.

It is one of the best months to be in a place like this because not only does the grass change color, but you can also get lost in the beauty of the Northern Lights (book a Northern Lights tour) and have an experience like no other.

Hire a Camper Van in Iceland

It is the best vehicle to be in, if you hire the one with a heater to provide warmth in the chilly cold.

The winds blow at high speeds and a camper not only provides you with a place to cook food, but also to sleep soundly in times of need. If you visit during the off-peak tourist season, you can save half your money on camper rentals and camp at designated spots for free.


Extra Equipment Tip

If you love camping, take a look EcoFlow’s portable solar panels, as they are remarkably adaptable, small in size and easy to carry, making them perfect for a variety of scenarios – even when venturing off the grid.

Unfolding and setting up the solar panels using the integrated stand only takes a few seconds. Quickly recharge your portable power station on camping trips or at home as part of your blackout preparations.

Make it a Romantic Camping Trip

Camping allows you to spend full 24*7 with your partner; encouraging you to get more close and share on an emotional level. A camping trip could be harsh, but still is enough to learn the many differences that can either make or break your relationship.

It is better to know first than to regret in the future. Camping will help you to know each other better and enhance the level of your relationship with your partner.

Buy your Drinks at the Airport

It is mostly not possible to buy hard liquor in Iceland. If you love your whiskey and wish to enjoy it during your camping trip, buy it at the duty-free shop of the airport. It is always good to stock up on the good stuff and enjoy it at the time of need.

Carry Your Credit Card Everywhere

Iceland allows you to use your credit card for everything that you desire to hire or purchase. You do not need to go to any hassles of paying hard cash for almost anything. Carry your card and conveniently enjoy your trip.

Cook Your Own Food

Even though, Iceland is famous for its hot dogs you cannot eat the same thing or instant noodles for every meal. Eating at a restaurant isn’t an option either because it is extremely expensive if you eat all your meals out.

The best solution to keep yourself fed and consume a variety of food items, is to cook your own meals. You can carry ready-to-make products and cook yourself a nice meal of your desired cuisine and enjoy it with your partner along with the beauty of Iceland and the adventurous experience.

Campsites in Iceland
Campsites in Iceland

Stock-Up on Groceries

Due to the harsh weather of Iceland, it is advisable to stock up groceries and required items, in case of emergencies or if, for any reason, you are not able to go out and buy the necessary product. Stocking up is the best solution to tackle emergencies, if such a condition arises.

You should always be prepared for all types of situations, especially on a camping trip, which promises to be adventurous and beautiful.

Always research about the place and follow the tips to ensure a flawless, amazingly beautiful and adventurous camping in Iceland trip.


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