Barcelona has the perfect combination of sandy beaches and warm weather…which means that there is a host of amazing water sports in Barcelona.

Head out to sea to try one of these exciting water sports in the inviting Mediterranean waters!

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Water sports in Barcelona to try out

Jet ski Tour of Barcelona’s coast

Fancy yourself as a bit of a James Bond? Take on the waves with speed and style and discover the coast of Barcelona and the Catalonian coastline with a fast-paced jet ski tour. This top Barcelona water sport allows you to see all the famous sights in the coolest way possible. It’s also the perfect activity in the hot weather, to feel the fresh spray of the Mediterranean Sea cooling down the heat.

Check out: Get Your Guide or Viator for more information on booking this afternoon out on the waters.

Jetskiing in Barcelona
Jetskiing in Barcelona

Paddle boarding in Barcelona

The Mediterranean waters that surround the beaches of Barcelona are often very calm, making it the perfect placid-lake environment for paddle boarding. SUP, otherwise known as Stand-Up Paddle, is one of the most popular water sports in Barcelona. It’s a fun one to try out with friends for a more relaxed experience, as you can lay down on your board for some tanning time if you get tired!

It’s super easy to pick up, so it’s possible to just rent a board for the day and head out on your own. But if you’d rather have some support to get going, it’s also possible to book a guide to teach you the ropes.

Check out: Escuela SUP to find out more about booking and introductory classes. Or, rent your own Paddle SUP.

Water sports in Barcelona
Paddle boarding in Barcelona

Flyboarding in Barcelona

Flyboarding is recent water sport to have skyrocketed (pardon the pun) in popularity all over the world in recent years. If you’ve never heard of flyboarding before, let us explain. You balance yourself on a high-powered water jet board, that propels you out of the water and into the air, which you then control by going up, down, forwards and backwards. Sounds a bit futuristic, right! It’s the closest thing to being able to defy gravity, or to becoming Spiderman.

It takes a bit of practice to get into the swing of fly boarding, but a team of certified instructors will be on hand to teach you all the basics. It dips into the extreme category of the water sports listed, but with a qualified centre and instructors it is perfectly safe and fun.

Check out: Get Your Guide or Viator for more information.

flyboarding barcelona

Hydrofoil and eFoil

Another one we’d forgive you for not having heard of before is electric hydrofoiling, or eFoil. Learn to sail the waters of Barcelona on a high-tech eFoil, which is a flying surfboard with a small, electric motor that levitates above the surface of the water and is controlled by Bluetooth. It’s the latest and most exciting way to travel the coast of Barcelona!

It’s suitable for all age ranges, and instructors can take you through introductory and advanced classes to get to grips with this futuristic way of surfing.

Check out: Take Off Barcelona or Five Star Watersports.

hydrofoil barcelona
Image Source: Five Star Watersports Barcelona

Windsurfing in Barcelona

Feeling up to the challenge of mastering both wind and sea simultaneously? Well, windsurfing is the sport for you! It’s perhaps one of the most difficult water sports in Barcelona to master, so it’s certainly not one for the fainthearted. But if you’re up for the challenge, it’s a great way to spend an adrenaline-filled afternoon.

You can windsurf all year round in Barcelona, and there are a variety of schools offering lessons for reasonable prices.

Check out: Escola Catalana de Surf, Anywhere Watersports Barcelona, and Viator.

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Windsurfing Barcelona

Seabob tour

Brownie points if you know what a Seabob is! We’re sure you’ll have seen them before, they are a hydrodynamic jet that you grip onto, to propel you both above and below the water. It gives the sensation of swimming like a fish, leisurely gliding through the serene waters of the Mediterranean.

One of the best aspects of Seabobbing is that it’s completely environmentally friendly, it zooms powerfully and almost silently through the water. Dive to depths of up to 40 metres with proper safety equipment to explore what lies under the Barcelona shores.

Check out: Jet Scoot for the best Seabob experience.

Seabob Barcelona
Image Source: Jet Scoot

Sailing in Barcelona

In the mood for something a little fancier and classier? How about a few hours sailing around Barcelona’s coastline, and letting a professional skipper do all the hard work for you? This way you can spend more time relaxing, admiring the landscape, and sipping on a glass of wine, than having to do the heavy lifting yourself!

Book onto either a private yacht tour, or join a larger group, and sail through the serene waters for the ultimate relaxation experience. We recommend a sunset sailing experience, to see Barcelona in its best light under dreamy pink skies.

Here are a few special sailing experiences?

Pizza Night Boat Trip in Barcelona

Indulge in the excitement of being on the open sea while enjoying a mouth-watering pizza from an acclaimed pizzeria.

Prepare to be amazed as piping hot, mouth-watering pizzas are delivered directly from the wood-fired oven to your boat in just 2 minutes. The enchanting Mediterranean backdrop, adorned with the illuminated beauty of Barcelona at night, adds to the overall ambience.

As you savour every bite of your pizza feast, bask in the soothing sounds of ambient music and take in breathtaking views that will leave a lasting impression. This extraordinary experience promises an evening to remember.

Step aboard and indulge in Nap’s famous pizza flavours as you soak up Barcelona’s most stunning sights; we guarantee this dinner will be one to remember!

Price: €59 as a guest | €295 private yacht
1 hour 30 minutes
Includes: Pizza & Drinks

Sailing and a delicious pizza in Barcelona, Spain.
Sailing and a delicious pizza in Barcelona, Spain.

Sunset Sailing Cruise

Cruising along Barcelona’s Mediterranean coastline at sunset offers an incredible view of the sun setting behind the city’s famous skyline. On this sunset cruise you will not only enjoy stunning views and a tranquil time on the water, but you will also be immersed in an international, relaxed and youthful atmosphere on board.

Price: €42 as a guest | €295 private group
2 hours
Meeting point: Marina Vela harbour

  • The package includes:
  • Drinks & refreshments
  • Complimentary Polaroid photo
  • Captain and fuel expenses
Sailing into the sunset in Barcelona, Spain.
Sailing into the sunset in Barcelona, Spain.

Midday Cruise in Barcelona

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax on a delightful Barcelona sailing holiday. This idyllic tour offers a tranquil escape where you can bask in the sun, swim in the pristine waters and admire Barcelona’s breathtaking beauty from a fresh vantage point.

Price: €49 as a guests | €265 private group
2 hours
Included: Drinks and snacks
Meeting point: Port Marina Vela, dock 95.

Key features:

  • Experience Barcelona from a different perspective
  • Take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Embark on an enchanting coastal cruise along Barcelona’s coastline
Cold drinks on a midday sailing cruise in Barcelona, Spain.
Cold drinks on a midday sailing cruise in Barcelona, Spain.

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