When it comes to choosing Bali as a perfect holiday destination, the mind is set to the adage that it is primarily a honeymoon destination.

This is right to a certain level; but Bali is something more than just a romantic destination. It is an ideal island paradise to explore with family and friends too, where beautiful beaches, candle light dinners, water activities and natural beauty are all at their best to keep you enticed.

There are many fun and adventurous water activities in Bali to try out – from snorkeling and scuba diving to surfing, cruising and sea walks!

If you are planning to explore Bali by getting involved in different water activities, here are a few wonderful options to keep you busy.

Water Activities in Bali - surfing lessons
Bali surfing lessons

Water Activities in Bali

Check out the below water activities in Indonesia.

Day Cruise

A romantic activity to enjoy that will surely surprise you with some amazing natural wonders; a day cruise is a way to explore remote areas of Bali by taking on a full or even half day voyage off the sea to islands in surrounding areas.

Catamarans and sailing boats will take you on the waters to the Nusa Lembongan Islands and to secret waters of Nusa Penida.

Surfing in Bali

Being a favorite tourist destination for water sports, Bali is famous for offering you surfing points – presenting a perfect amalgamation of sea, sun and serenity with exciting rides on the glassy waves of the sea.

You will see reef breaks and lagoons that are ideal for experienced surfers and newbies. Check out some of the best surf spots in Bali.

Canyon Tubing

It is another wonderful option to enjoy during your honeymoon or any kind of holiday in Bali.

River Siap in Payagan in the North of Ubud is the perfect place to fulfill your desire that will take you to the isolated and hidden Canyons of Kerta Village – a place to drift downstream for more than 40 km to enjoy beautiful scenery on your way.

Waterbom Bali

A whole park for water activities in Bali! It’s time to enjoy something more than just a splash in the premier water park – Waterbom. The amazing water park is famous for more than 17 exciting rides, water games and slides that would entertain almost all the age groups.

It has a vast area of more than 4 hectares that is filed with all the leisure facilities around its pool and slides.

Sea Walks in Bali

Another wonderful activity to get involved and try to do on a Bali tour are sea walks that take divers to hop into the deep underwater to enjoy the beautiful marine life forms.

You will enjoy magical walks with the help of specially designed accessories that include helmets with oxygen cylinders on the boat. Tanjung Benoa and Off Sanur are the main places connecting Bali for wonderful and adventurous Sea Walks.

Get ready to get wet and active with these awesome water activities in Bali.

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