There is no doubt about it, the crystal clear blue waters of Menorca in Spain are mesmerizing and jaw dropping beautiful.

If you’re heading to Menorca you’re going to have to spend some time on the water, or you’ve never really been to Menorca.

If the photos don’t tempt you enough, here are 3 fantastic ways to embrace the beautiful blue waters of Menorca:


While it is possible to hike your way around the entire island in less than a couple of weeks, if you’re on a short holiday, the boat is the best way to see it all. There are plenty of boat options you can choose from between sailing, motor boats and luxury yachts that will take you to the hidden beaches of Menorca as you soar across the crystal waters.

If you’re looking for one that departs from Cala Galdana, check out Menorca en Barco, a private and small boat tour business run by skipper Nano.


If you’re looking for a little more adventure, the kayaks will take you into secret caves and holes along the coast that the boat can’t fit into. Hire a local guide and allow them to amaze you of the stories and myths that bring these caves to life and learn all about the Turkish pirates who may have forgotten some treasure in the reefs of Menorca.

Departing from Cala Galdana and offering various trip options is Artiem Audax Sports & Nature. A great way to explore the waters!


There’s absolutely nothing wrong about simply vegging out on the beach of your choice. You have more than 130 beaches to choose from, there is no doubt you’ll have more than enough to explore while visiting. Some of the more popular beaches are accessible by car, other more secluded beaches require a little more of a hike. Depending on what you enjoy, the north and south coast of the island boasts very different sceneries, red soil rocky coves or clear blue sandy beaches?

Have you been to Menorca before? What beaches and coves would you recommend exploring?

Getting to Menorca by ferry

To get the proper island feeling, you could choose to arrive by ferry to Menorca. And you could easily combine a city trip to Barcelona or Valencia with a relaxed beach holiday on Menorca.

Take the ferry from Barcelona to Mahon or from Barcelona to Ciutadella. There are also ferries departing from Valencia. The ride takes around 8-10 hours and tickets start at around €45 only per passenger. Another option is to save a hotel night and go overnight in a cabin and arrive for sunrise in Menorca.

If you consider taking your own car, instead of having a rental car, the prices start at around €90.

Other options would be to take the ferry from Palma de Mallorca or Alcúdia (Mallorca) to Ciutadella, which takes around 6-10 hours. Many travelers arrive with cheap flights in Palma (PMI). Then you could head to the ferry terminal and get on board. Or maybe spend 1-2 days in Palma first.

Good to know: The night ferries go slower, so that you have time to sleep. They depart at around 9-10 pm and arrive the next morning.

To find the best ferry option, choose FerryHopper, which checks the different routes, options and prices.

Travel tip shared by Jenna for Travel Dudes.


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