Do you love getting massages? Then you absolutely have to go for a Thai massage in Thailand!

When you travel in Thailand, the following scenes can be found everywhere: small shops lined with comfortable chairs with footstools with visitors having foot massages, and inside, a line of comfortable chairs with footstool; many visitors, rolling up to their knees, are enjoying a special service – Thai women are kneeling beside their feet and continuously kneading these overworked limbs.

A similar place, not too far away from that, many visitors are laying pleasantly on a comfortable mat and being pulled and stretched into pretzel shapes again and again by local women.

Here’s what to expect when going for a traditional massage in Thailand.

1. Traditional Thai Massage

The original Thai massage included the masseur massage subject’s back by feet as well as stretch the fingers and toes. But, it has been replaced nowadays. If you think the masseur’s intensity is too energetic for your taste, you can ask her to be more gentle. A superb Thai massage can relieve stress, relieve tension and stiffness in the muscles and joints, increase vitality and promote blood circulation.

In short, it makes you feel great.

How to do traditional Thai massage

When getting a Thai massage in Thailand, you only need to wear a relatively loose casual clothes but without essential oil. If you are facing any health problem, such as back pain or knee pain, you need to tell masseur in time. Relieve yourself as undergoing massage and work with your masseur.

2. Thai massage on the Beach

You will find many masseuses, who usually appear on the beach in November and stay until the end of April. They looks like a cuddly auntie, waiting below the shade with pillows and mats offering you traditional Thai massage service to help you relax.

Besides, in Patong beach, you can experience foot pedicure services, including removal of dead skin and other items, but for girls, nail services will be provided.

3. Spas in Phuket

Phuket is one of the world’s top spa venues and masseurs have excellent massage techniques. Few people can withstand this temptation of enjoying a full suite of luxury treatments at one of Phuket’s top spas.

Either franchise spa or hotel spa, the service will amaze you, so many visitors try their best to get the most affordable spa in Phuket. Usually, when you stay at a resort with a high-end spa, you can take a multi-day course and turn the experience into a life-enhancing event. Many hotels in Phuket are as luxurious and elegant as the Roman palace, and its interior décor will leave visitor a deep impression.

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4. Foot Massage in Phuket

Another popular type of Thai massage in Thailand is foot massages! Foot massage can be seen everywhere in Phuket – in the shop, in the hair salon, by the beach or even in the shopping mall ad much more. Foot Massage, renamed as reflexology, firstly originate from China. Many Chinese believe that each part of human body corresponds to a acupuncture point on foot. If we can message the spot precisely, it will bring a great of benefit to our body health.

Anyway, there are many theoretical doctrines, such as it can stimulate the nervous system to get through the veins, which can release endorphins and promote lymphatic reflux. Nothing is more than to do a comfortable foot massage to restore strength after shopping all day long.

How to do foot massage in Thailand

First, soak feet with warm water. The masseur smudges body lotion or essential oil on your feet, one foot wrapped with a towel and then the next one. If you feel pain in any spot, it is said there must be a problem with the organ connected to related part of the feet.

5. Naughty massage in Phuket

Many visitors never try therapeutic massage as they worry about some traditional masseurs offering massage on untouchable body parts. You should not come inside if masseurs are massaging for others.

  • It is dark inside with curtains blocked the light.
  • Young and beautiful masseurs dress sexily, but a professional masseur will always dress properly or formally.
  • There is a young girl yielding in front to attract you to come in. Most will ask you: would you like a “special” message?

6. Fish spa or Dr Fish

As a newcomer, you may feel surprised and stop to see such a scene of people putting their feet in the fish tank, but what are they doing? Dr Fish, also named fish spa, or other nicknames, such as nibble fish, kangal fish, physio fish, and doctor fishen.

The Garra rufa love to sip dead skin. When people put their feet into warm water, Dr fish will flock to eat the dead skin softened by warm water. This little fish can survive at a water temperature of 43 degrees Celsius.

7. Massage for pregnant women in Thailand

For most pregnant women, a nice back massage is a great experience. Many pregnant women find that they sleep better and have less pain in both their neck and back and less stress and discomfort. Of course, you need a choose a masseur from some perspectives – her knowledge, care and gentleness.

In fact, massage should not be provided during the first three months of pregnancy. If you need a skilled physiotherapist, please consult the island’s well-known spa. Most of them have a lot of experience in pregnant women massage.

Last tips for getting a Thai massage in Thailand

If your masseur does a good job, they may hope that you can give them some tips. In fact, masseurs who works in some big SPA or five-star hotels, will get no salary. Instead, they share the massage fee with their bosses. For Thai beach masseuses, they need to pay for the place they rent, so if they can earn 300 baht at once, they can get 150 baht, so tips therefore make a difference. It is reasonable to pay about 50 to 100 baht for a comfortable massage.

How much is a massage in Thailand?

Most traditional Thai massage spas are simple without too much decoration or promotion. An ordinary massage lasts about 2 hours and consumes 300-500 baht, but a foot massage is about 40-50 minutes and costs 300-400 baht. Of course, it is more expensive if you massage at any five-star hotel – the price can be triple, or more. If you get a massage on the beach, it will cost you 300 baht per hour.

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