Summer in London is always a pleasurable time if you wish to spend a beautiful warm vacation over here.

Its majestic topography is better visible on a land clean of snow. Summers are great in London, and you can move around free of all concerns.

Find the right festivals, summer spots and activities to map your travel plan, before carrying on with the journey.

Summer in London
Summer in London

Here’s what to get up to during summer in London

Perfect Summery at Parks and Gardens

Parks and gardens in London are in full bloom with fresh leaves and new buds, during summers season. You will find several open spaces in the city, beckoning you with their charms. If you are here during this time, spend some time at its cemeteries, churchyards, private squares, community gardens, and the magical roof gardens and prisons. Though you will find endless charming opens in the landscape of London, here are a few you can opt.

Spend sometime with family and friends, or rather plan a picnic at:

  • Kensington Garden
  • Epping forest
  • Victoria Park
  • Hampstead Heath
  • Nunhead Cemetery
  • Kenwood Park
  • Primrose

Around The River Thames

You will find beauty strewn in London on the shore of River Thames. It is the ideal time to be here and spend sometime strolling, cycling, boating or eating round the place. Besides, there are certain spots which are more enticing than any other corner of the riverside. Sitting and relaxing or taking a walk around, you will find a lot of other spots like the alfresco restaurants or majestic wine bars.

Be there around these spots:

  • Richmond Riverside
  • Serpentine Lake Boating
  • Little Venice
  • Hampstead Heath Ponds

Swimming at Pools and Lidos

With a hot sun shinning above, you just have one place to cool off, and it is the pools and lidos. You will find locals having best time of their summers at these pools. So it is also a good way getting indulged in common life of the city.

Spot the famous spots, and add them to your itinerary:

  • London Fields Lido: at London Fields Westside, E8 3EU
  • Parliament Hill Lido: Reach it on Parliament Hill Fields, Gordon House Rd, NW5 1LP
  • Serpentine Lido: Located at Hyde Park, W2 3XA
  • Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds: At Hampstead Heath, NW5 1QR
  • Oasis Sports Centre: On 32 Endell St, WC2H 9AG

Supping in Opens

London’s topography is at its best during summers. And spending your time outside is probably the best way of making most of it. There are several beer gardens, waterside restaurants, alfresco dining areas, rooftop restaurants and bars, waterside restaurants and park cafés. While some of these will offer a pastoral English beauty, you will find some bountiful riverside locations with scenic views. Grab some quick bites or lazy morsels and drinks at these locations.

Fall in love with London’s panorama. Food, music and delectable drinks over here are enticing for summer season:

  • Earl of Essex: 25 Danbury Street, N1 8LE
  • Chiswick House Café: Chiswick House
  • Boundary Rooftop: 2-4 Boundary Street, E2 7DD
  • Garden Gate: 14 South End Road, NW3 2QE
  • Dalston Roof Park: Print House, 18 Ashwin St, E8 3DL
  • The Albion: 10 Thornhill Road, N1 1HW
  • Radio Rooftop Bar: ME London, 336-337 The Strand, WC2R
  • Pavilion Café at Victoria Park: Victoria Park, E9 5DU
  • Aqua: 5th Floor, 30 Argyll Street, W1F 7EB
  • Spark Café: White Lodge Mansion, Springfield Park, E5 9EF

Open Air Theatres

If you are tired of closed rooms and theatre halls, you can opt for an open-air theatrical show, where you will get to enjoy the truly English performance. There are several places to enjoy London’s outdoor performances, where you can carry your own pimm, or enjoy its own stocks and buffets. Take the feel of being in an English land with a history that brought Shakespeare into limelight. You can start with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and move to The Scoop or the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. All these three theatres stage brilliant stage shows and performances.

Things to know about traveling in London

  • Weather is a concern for some people. Sun is bright in one moment, and it might be raining the next moment. So carry an umbrella and a raincoat along, and keep an alternative plan ready for the day.
  • Walk out prepared with sunscreens, jumpers and waterproof make-up for save yourself from getting a tan.
  • Do not travel unplanned and get lost in London. Have your routes clear and destinations decided.
  • Take care of your belongings and money. Do not leave them unattended.
  • London underground is the cheapest and also the safest mode of transportation in London.
  • Avoid getting into dark alleys of London during nights, as it is highly unsafe to do so.
  • Travel with an alternate plan ready in your hand. You might have planned to spend sometime in opens, but weather might disrupt your plans. Do not let this happen, and counter it with an alternative plan.

Summer time is beautiful in London.

Make most of it with a perfect plan, that includes all the beautiful corners of the city in your itinerary.

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