Because of the fact that my passion is cooking, I am especially interested in the style of cooking, which is famous for this area. For me cooking is more than producing a meal, for me, it is a kind of art and important how it is presented. Which is why I fell so in love with La Rochelle cuisine.

I love interesting tastes and exciting combinations of ingredients.

La Rochelle restaurants

For me a cosy atmosphere with an aesthetic adjustment is important for a relaxing visit in a restaurant.

During our trip we visited a lot of different and good restaurants. Here are some of them I really would like to recommend to visit, when you are in this area.

Quai Louis Prunier

The first one I want to introduce is the restaurant in the Aquarium – Quai Louis Prunier – 17000 La Rochelle.

It is above the popular Aquarium, so you have a beautiful view of the town and its harbour. It is a little bit sticky and warm in this restaurant, so you must have the option to peel off your clothes. Here, not the special facilities make the place interesting. It is the cooking with fresh ingredients that took my attention – the best of La Rochelle cuisine!

I could really recommend you roasted hake steak, Ratatouille, virgin olive oil and watercress cream with cockles. Look at the photo and I promise you will get hungry.

roasted hake steak, Ratatouille, virgin olive oil and watercress cream with cockles
Roasted hake steak, Ratatouille, virgin olive oil and watercress cream with cockles.

The chef has a good feeling for how to arrange the food in a more simple, but nice way. So after all the big fish in the aquarium, may be you get hungry and wish to have seafood. Now you know, you do not have to go far to get a good one.


Another good La Rochelle restaurant to eat good, freshly made food is the L’Entracte 35, Rue Saint Jean du Pèrot – 17000 La Rochelle.

They have an elegant establishment with the possibility to have a view in the kitchen.

It is so interesting to watch the chefs how they cook and arrange the different meals, so that you have to be careful not to forget to talk with your companions.

The owner of the restaurant has already written several cooking books. Right now they are starting a challenge, where they search for the best trainee chef.

Basically the area around La Rochelle is famous for Cognac. More and more the cognac producing companies try to make the drink more interesting for younger people. One idea is to mix it in a kind of cocktail.

We got a very delicious one in this restaurant as an appetizer. It was cognac on a base of caramel with apple juice and the flavour of orange zest. In this combination I also liked the cognac. You see, this concept seems to work very well.

Also memorable was their starter, which you can see below. It is a composition of organic vegetables and goat, served with slithers of Serrano ham and aged parmesan.

composition of organic vegetables and goat, served with slithers of Serrano ham and aged parmesan.
My starter of organic vegetables and goat, served with slithers of Serrano ham and aged parmesan.

You could really taste the fresh ingredients. It is a good and tasty combination.

In the restaurant you will often find the option to have a menu for a special price. It is a good possibility to taste different interesting dishes for a fair price.

The Lèntracte had an accomplished composition of the dishes in the different menues. They do not offer a large menu, but for me that is a sign of rather real quality.

Cave de la Guignette

Another short but good insider tip for having a drink before dinner is the Cave de la Guignette. There you can order a special drink, which you will only get at this place. The Guignette rouge – verte – or jaune tastes like a kind of punch based on wine. It is a place, where you won’t find tourists. The place is visited by a lot of locals and students who live in this district.

It is very cosy in there. But it is very important to check the opening hours because they are limited. If you are in the Cave de la Guignette, go and explore the whole street. You will also find nice and small boutiques close by.

Cave de la Guignette
Cave de la Guignette

La bouvette Raise flottaise

If you fancy mussels it is a must to visit the La bouvette Raise flottaise, Le Morinand, 17580 Le Bois Plage en Rè.

The speciality are mussels placed on spruce needles, roasted on a barbecue.

You can find it on the Il de Ré, a very beautifull small island near La Rochelle. A bridge connects the island with the mainland so it is not a problem to get there. You just have to pay the € 18,- (€ 9,- in off-season) –  for using the bridge. In these costs the return is included! 🙂

Muscles - La Rochelle cuisine


The last La Rochelle restaurant I would like to introduce is the Lócean 172, Rue Saint Martin; 17580 Le Bois Plage en Rè. It is also located on the very beautiful island Il de Re.

The restaurant is very tastefully furnished and diffused light makes it very cosy in there. You can get freshly cooked delicious food.

They also have a clearly arranged menu with different dishes that offers something for all tastes. A main dish you can get from approximately 19,50 € upwards.

If you are experimental, you can taste for example “Jonchèe Charentaise“ (curdled milk with cream and cognac) with homemade Fennel Jam.


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