You might have heard that Barcelona is one of Spain’s most pricey cities, but don’t believe all the horror stories that you hear!

It’s really easy to do the city on the cheap and there are plenty of tricks and money tips that will guarantee you save money the next time you come to Barcelona! We know how to save money in Barcelona.

How To Save Money In Barcelona

1) Walk more

This is the number one way of how to save money in Barcelona. Despite how it may look, Barcelona is actually quite a small city and most of its neighbourhoods are within walking distance of each other. It will take you just seconds to cross from El Raval to the Gothic Quarter, and under ten minutes to walk from Eixample into El Born. Public transport and your own two feet are definitely the best and cheapest way to see the city.

While walking, make sure to look out for the amazing street art in Barcelona and heading up to the best Barcelona viewpoints.

2) Take the train from the airport, instead of a taxi

A taxi from the airport to the centre of Barcelona will cost well over €30, a ridiculous and unnecessary fee! The cheapest way to get into the city is by taking the train from the airport’s train station. 

The station can be found in Terminal 2 and there are plenty of signs towards it. If your flight comes in at the airport’s other terminal, there is a free bus between terminals.

Buy a T-10 metro ticket from the station (you can even use the machines for this) and take the train to either Sants, or Passeig de Grácia station. Here, you can change onto the metro line and then get off at the nearest stop to your hotel or apartment.

Only two trains leave the airport station, and you need to take the one on the left hand side of the platform. The train on the right goes the opposite direction and is the one you will use when you return to the airport using the train on your flight home. We promise it’s super simple.

3) Eat smart

The best way to save money is by cooking for yourself and Barcelona’s food markets are some of the most amazing places to buy fresh produce and get your senses tingling. But if you don’t want to cook on your holiday, it’s easy to save money by eating smart in the city.

Have your main meal for lunch at around 14:00 like the locals. You can enjoy a three course menu (menú del dia) for as little as €10 including a drink, if you eat at this time in the city. Most restaurants offer a menú del dia and the food is usually traditional, made fresh, and always delicious! Also, check out these cheap tapas bars in Barcelona.

Don’t be taken in by the delicious bakeries around every corner, head to Bakery 365 for homemade cakes and pastries for as little as €1! They’re our favourite chain in the city!

4) Make use of the city’s public transport

Barcelona is one of the best connected cities in Spain and making the most of its public transport will guarantee you save money on your visit.


The Metro is the quickest way around the city, and the trains are regular and cleaner than most undergrounds. With your T-10 ticket you can travel on the metro for 10 journeys, a journey starts when you go through the turnstiles and ends when you leave the underground. Any line changes you make still count as the same journey, as long as you do not leave the underground.

With the T-10 ticket, each journey costs just over €1, whereas a single journey without a T-10 ticket costs at least double this. You can also share the ticket with multiple people, just make sure to check how many journeys you have left before you leave your friend at the bus stop!

Buses and Trams

Your 10 journeys with your T-10 ticket can also be used on the buses and trams. We especially recommend using the night bus in the early hours as the metro stops at midnight on weekdays, and at 02:00 on Friday. There are however trains all night on Saturdays.

We suggest downloading the TMB app which gives you all the information about times and routes of Barcelona’s public transport.


As well as to and from the metro, you can use the overline trains (El Renfe) to get around the city and make day trips outside of the centre. You can use your T-10 ticket if the destination is in Zone 1 of the city, or you can buy single journeys cheap at the station if you want to go further out.

5) Visit museums for free

On the first Sunday of every month, many museums open their doors for free. This is the best way to find out more about the city without spending any unnecessary pennies. Try and research which museums have temporary exhibitions you would be interested in before you come to Barcelona.

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6) Avoid La Rambla

Eating or shopping on La Rambla is arguably the worst thing you can do as a tourist in the city. The prices are almost triple what they would be elsewhere, and the quality of the produce really isn’t what you pay for.

Instead, head off La Rambla and explore Barcelona’s side streets where there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. We know it’s tempting to stay on La Rambla, but we can’t recommend enough just how many other nicer places there are in the city just steps away from this street.

7) Spend savvy

How to save money in Barcelona – don’t spend it meaninglessly. Barcelona is one of the best places to go shopping, but its also one of the best cities for second hand markets and vintage clothing. Every weekend there is a different market in the city, be it an everything for €1 market, a €5 or under market, or other vintage and flea events. You can find some amazing one off pieces this way and save yourself a ton of money at the same time.

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8) Fitness for free

We understand if exercise is the last thing you want to do on your holiday, but if you want to stay in shape when you’re over here, the cheapest way to do this is by running. There are plenty of routes around the city including along the beach and through the slightly wider streets of Eixample. You can also get the train to Collserola Natural Park (Zone 1) and run along the mountain trails.

9) Meetups and Events

There are always free meetups and events in the city, you just have to find out where they are! Facebook is the easiest way to do this and you can find events by filtering the location to Barcelona, or the neighbourhood that you’re staying in. You can also find free drinks coupons and discounted club tickets this way. If you’re not a fan of Facebook, use to search for more organised meetups in the city.

10) Book in advance

Everything is cheaper is advance, so we recommend looking at what you want to do, before you come to the city. Buy tickets to popular attractions like the Sagrada FamiliaPark Guell, and La Pedrera, in advance and use the money you save to treat yourself to something from the gift store…

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