Some of the best beaches in Italy can be found in Sardinia, flanked by the Mediterranean sea on all sides, and one of its most popular tourist attractions. Renowned for its natural beauty, illuminating turquoise water, the beaches in Sardinia will give you plenty of choices when it comes time to choose a relaxing destination.

Because there are so many beaches on the island, we’ll discuss the best beaches in Sardinia that you absolutely cannot miss.

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Best beaches in Sardinia, Italy
Valle dell’Erica beach, Sardinia, Italy

The Best Beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia regularly tops polls of the best beaches globally, so you can bet that the beaches in Sardinia are breathtaking! Here are some beaches to check out, split into the best beaches in North and South Sardinia!

Best Beaches North Sardinia

The cities of Sassari, Alghero, Stintino and Vignola Mare boast some of the best beaches north Sardinia. 

And then you also have the worldwide known Costa Smeralda, which is a stretch of land along the northeast coast of Sardinia. You’ll find turquoise water and fine-sand beaches. It’s also a popular spot for the rich & famous, who have villas here or visit the bays with their yachts in the summer months.

Capriccioli beach (East) – Spiaggia di Capriccioli (est)

This is probably the most beautiful beach in Sardinia. It is definitely my favorite beach and is one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen overall. And that’s quite a few.

It has a charming, picturesque cove with sandy shoreline, clear water and beautiful reddish granite rocks that protect the beach also from stronger waves. That makes it also a great place for families, as it’s also have shallow waters and sandy ground.

The beach is surrounded by wild olive trees, junipers, mastic trees and maritime pines that contribute to the wild charm of the place.

There is also a parking lot right nearby as well as the Vesper Beach Club.

Just around the corner you’ll find the beaches Capriccioli South, Capriccioli North, and Capriccioli West, also known as ‘Il Pirata’ (The Pirate). One bay further is the beautiful beach La Celvia. At Capriccioli West and La Celvia you can also rent dinghies, canoes and pedalos. We haven’t done that, but I can imagine that this is an amazing spot to do kayak for 1-3 hours.

Spiaggia del Principe – Spiaggia Poltu Di Li Cogghj

You’ll find this beach just a short drive further North of Capriccioli and it’s another beautiful and stunning beach. It’s a tiny bit harder to get there, as you have to walk down (6-10 minutes) a tiny 800 meter long path from the parking lot to get there. And if you have to carry bags, towels, sun umbrella and maybe even a kid, then you might prefer a different beach.

But I would say, it’s worth that short stroll, as it’s another picturesque beach in a small bay with clear blue water and idyllic views.

Also here you have the reddish granite rocks on both sides of the bay and some on the left side of the beach itself, which divides it a tiny bit. It’s great for swimming and diving, as you’ll spot small and larger fish.

There is a small bar in the summer months, which serve lunch, cold drinks and ice cream. As it’s also popular (for good reasons), you should come early in the summer months.

Restaurant Bonus Tipp: Baretto

Here the yacht owner sits next to the gardener and both enjoy a good pizza, which is made in wood oven. Or you can choose from various pasta and salads.

If you are visiting the beaches at the Costa Smeralda, like Capriccioli beaches or the beach Principe, or if you are around Cala di Volpe, then the restaurant Baretto is a good stop for a lunch or dinner break.

It’s a popular restaurant, visited by the rich & famous who are here for their holidays, but also the ‘working class’ from the area who work in the hotels and gardens.

We visited Baretto twice, as they had good food for fair prices, a playground in sight distance to the tables and a large parking lot. So a good spot, when visiting the nearby beaches. Also the staff was friendly, spoke English (wich you won’t find everywhere in Italy surprisingly).

Enough good reasons to recommend it and to head back on my next visit!

Address: Località Cala Di Volpe, 07021 Arzachena SS, Italy

La Pelosa Beach

La Pelosa Beach is arguably the most famous beach in all of Northern Sardinia. La Pelosa is located a mere 2.5km away from Stintino in the North-West of Sardinia. It’s considered one of the best beaches in north Sardinia due to its fine white sand and shallow sea that boasts a gradient of turquoise hues, including aquamarine and topaz waters. 

This beach is bustling in July and August, so try to avoid these months for a more peaceful visit. As of 2020, the beach allows only a limited number of visitors on the beach, so you’ll need to book your place using the dedicated app

The beach is 300 meters long and up to 60 meters wide in some places. It is labelled as one of the best beaches in Sardinia because it is reminiscent of a Caribbean beach paradise.

La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia, Italy
La Pelosa Beach in Sardinia, Italy

Spiaggia (beach) & Torre (tower) del Porticciolo

We visited this bay on a stormy and rainy day and still the beach itself was protected from big waves.

This is simply a stunning bay with a overlooking watch tower, which is 48 meters above the sea. It’s worth going up, as you get a nice view onto the bay, but also along the coast. You can view up to 25 kilometers wide from there. And the sunsets must be superb up there. That tower is a famous Renaissance-era pirate defense watchtower.

Since the bay is so great protected of waves through its form, it’s a good spot for snorkeling.

The Porticciolo beach is characterized by a sandy shore with medium grains, of a dark amber color, with the presence of some small smooth pebbles of the same color. At the two sides of the beach, the sand leaves room for rocks and boulders that blend with the beautiful crystal clear waters.

Another pro of the crescent-shaped form, the beach is sheltered from the wind. So it’s a good spot also on windy days.

You can even stay overnight close-by, as there is the Glampinganlage Torre del Porticciolo camping ground above the bay. And it’s only a short drive away from Alghero.

Cala Ostina Beach 

Cala Ostina is a beautiful and secluded beach in Sardinia, located a few kilometres east of Castelsardo. It sits quietly in a small bay under a steep, earthen-toned coastal landform. Its unique appearance and private atmosphere make it a contender for one of the best beaches in north Sardinia. 

It is a small beach of only 60 meters in length, but its deep golden sands caused by volcanic rock nearby and almost translucent water are a sight to behold. 

This beach is part of an inlet, meaning there are no waves at this beach in Sardinia, which helps make it one of the best beaches in Sardinia for tranquility. As a result, you can expect peaceful swimming and an abundance of green plants in the area. This beach is quite remote despite being easily accessible, so visitors should bring their facilities when travelling as none are available on the site.  

Porto Ferro Beach

Porto Ferro is located in the province of Sassari and is one of the best beaches in north Sardinia due to its immense beauty.

For over 30 years, Porto Ferro has been visited by ‘naturists’ or nudists and built a reputation for being one of Sardinia’s most extensive nudist beaches. In 2018, Porto Ferro was labelled one of the first official nudist beaches in Sardinia. As the beach is famous, ‘nudist’ visitors may use only specific beach areas for nudists, including a 200 meter stretch of tiny coves beyond the stone tower at the end of the beach.

Porto Ferro is also well-known for its backdrop of pine forests and towering dunes that make up a truly unique ecosystem. There are ancient towers in this area that add special charm to this beach in Sardinia.

Bombarde Beach

This sandy beach is 1 kilometer long and it’s surrounded by volcanic rocks. The water is usually calm and got iridescent colors, ranging from green to blue.

It’s not far from Alghero and it’s a popular kite & surf spot. There are two parking spots and several beach cafes and restaurants.

Best Beaches south Sardinia

The cities of Cagliari, Pula, Chia and Porto Pino offer some of the best beaches south Sardinia.

Spiaggia (beach) di Genn’e Mari

This is a very popular beach located in the tourist resort of Torre delle Stelle. It has white sand that gently thins towards the clear and uncontaminated sea, which is so characteristic for Sardinia.

The beach is suitable for children and families, because of its shallow waters and as it’s sheltered nicely.

Among its services: accessible to the handicapped, suitable for windsurfing and diving activities. There are also bars, hotels and restaurants.

‘Genn’e Mari’ means “door to the sea” and it’s one of the favorite resorts in the area of Cagliari, which, in fact, have most of the villas built in the area.

You can take the scenic provincial road (17) to get there, which connects Cagliari and Villasimius or the quicker SS 125. I recommend the scenic one.

Porto Pino Beach

Porto Pino beach is widely regarded as one of the best beaches in all of south Sardinia. This oasis of a beach is located at the border of Cagliari and Carbonia-Iglesias provinces, southeast of the village of Porto Pino. 

It is 4km long and is characterised by its pristine dunes and pond surroundings, where bright pink flamingos are often spotted. This beach is one of the best beaches in South Sardinia due to its unique backdrop and crystal-clear shallow waters, making it a good choice for families with children.

Porto Pino is well-equipped with many sun umbrellas, bars, bathrooms and water sport activities, including surfing and scuba diving. 

Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach is the main beach of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia. It is one of the best beaches in south Sardinia as it is one of the longest, making for some seriously majestic and romantic beach walks. It is over 8km long and offers deep blue waters and hillside views to the South. 

Poetto is well-equipped with kiosks, beach bars, restaurants, nightclubs, water sports facilities and even a marina. It is arguably one of the the best beaches in Sardinia for kitesurfers, and it is easy to reach by access. Many kitesurfing and windsurfing championships take place at Poetto.

There are so many amazing beaches in Sardinia that we couldn’t list all of the beaches in Sardinia here, or you’d be reading for years!

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Cagliari Sardinia beaches
Poetto beach in Cagliari

Spiaggia (beach) di Kal’e Moru

The beautiful beach is located in the locality of Geremeas (Municipality of Quartu S. Elena).

This is a beautiful 3 kilometer long and sandy beach. The beach has a bottom of coarse white sand, but it is not quite powdered sugar fine and it is surrounded by rocks. The sea is crystal clear and glassy. It might be a little windier, because the bay is not so deep. This could be a pro, if it’s super hot in the summer.

Its name is linked to the pirate raids of the Saracens (“Morus”), who long visited these coasts. The beach is characterized by a low seabed and is the ideal destination for surfers, being beaten by the wind, and for those who practice underwater fishing.

There is a small beach bar in the middle. However, there is no real parking here. So make sure to arrive early.

We traveled through Sardinia with our own car. Like that you can reach explore all the beaches easily. Also getting to Sardinia is fun, as it includes a nice drive through the Alps, beautiful Italian regions and a ferry ride, like with the Grimaldi Lines for example.

I love to arrive on an island by ferry. This adds so much to the island atmosphere. And it’s a small fun adventure for the kids as well. You can choose a day ferry or go overnight. When going overnight, I recommend to reserve a cabin, so that the waves rocks you into a calm sleep.

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On a Budget: Caesar’s Hotel

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy
Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Caesar’s hotel is located only 20-minute walk from the beach. It includes free wifi throughout and is a short bus ride away from the historical centre of Cagliari.

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Holiday House rental: Villa Carina

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy
Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Villa Carina is a beautiful 3-bedroomed house in Conca Verde, Sardinia. It has a heated pool, sun terrace with ocean views, private veranda and outdoor grill, as well as a full kitchen and combined lounge and dining room. It can sleep five people in total and includes a full family bathroom and en-suite bathroom.

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Boutique Accommodation: Jatika Boutique Hotel 

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy
Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

A boutique hotel set on the beach, Jatika has ultramodern, clean white finishes in each room. This 4-star hotel includes a restaurant and bar on the premises and offers free wifi for each visitor.

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Family-friendly Hotel: Chia Laguna Hotel Village 

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy
Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Aside from its natural beauty, this resort offers boutique shops, many restaurants and bars, private beaches and even a tennis club. It includes a dedicated children’s area for families with children, including a mini club, kid’s pool, and playground.

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Luxury Accommodation: Petra Segreta Resort and Spa

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy
Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

This luxury accommodation offers modern wellness facilities, a heated freshwater pool and traditional Sicilian houses known as Stazzi scattered throughout the property.

Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy Best Beaches in Sardinia - Best Beaches in Sardinia, Italy

Head to Sardinia for sun, sand and beach vibes

No matter where you choose to go, it’s totally possible to pick a few random names out of a hat and still land up at some of the top beaches in Sardinia; because there are just so many beaches to choose from on the island!

When looking at staying on the island, whether going on a budget tour or staying with family members, there are some of the best hotels in Sardinia on the beach (and in the whole of Europe) when it comes to natural beauty and epic relaxation. 

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