Ever since I was young I loved leaping off everything.

Every chance I would get to jump something a rush of adrenalin would go through me. Especially now, because once my partner (Carlos de Varona) says cameras rolling there is no turning back.

This picture was taken in Verudela in Pula, Croatia. The cliff is about a 40-foot drop, that really isn’t the problem, it was that you had to run on uneven rocks and not slip! Oh, and the Adriatic water is freezing even in May.

The highest thing I have jumped is the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami, Fl, USA. I didn’t jump the highest part that is about an 85 ft high, I jumped at around 60-70 ft (STILL HIGH). The scariest part about jumping into the water there is that its one of the most Bull Shark-infested waters in South Florida.

Very scary!!!


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