Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

One of the things that I really love doing in Australia is camping. I love going to the beautiful beaches and just enjoying the great outdoors in the gorgeous country. I think that the best place to camp in Australia is on Fraser Island, which is in Queensland.

If you’re interested in camping on Fraser Island, you’ve come to the right place.

Camping On Fraser Island, Australia
Camping On Fraser Island, Australia

Camping on Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest and most stunning sand island in the world.

There are many camp sites on the island, and camping is a unique way to explore the fabulous island. I like camping along the eastern beach because it is quiet and offers the needed privacy. I love hearing the roaring waves and seeing the spectacular view of the ocean. The white, sandy beach feels great under my feet, and I can also explore the forested areas of the island.

Camping at Frasers at Cathedral Beach

Frasers at Cathedral Beach is the only private campground on the island. It is located on 25 acres, and the environment is quiet and relaxing. Children are welcome, and shower facilities are available. The campsite is in close proximity to the beach, a National Park, shops and a winery. I love not only the camping, but also birdwatching, fishing, sandboarding and bushwalking while on the island.

Dundubara campground

Dundubara campground is also an ideal spot for camping. You can camp close to the beach, in the trees or in the open. It is accessible by 4WD only. The thing that I like most about this campsite is its wonderful fishing opportunities. Hot showers, flushing toilets and payphones are available. There is a curfew for noise, which makes it great if you have children. If you have young children or anyone else who does not like to sleep in a tent, motorhome hire is a great option. You need to keep in mind that in order to drive and camp on Fraser Island, you need to stop by and pick up a permit.

Camping at Waddy Point

Waddy Point is a campsite that offers camping next to a rocky headland. The waters are pleasant and calm, making it an ideal location for swimming and fishing. There are tables, showers, a barbecue, toilets and walking tracks.

Camping at Lake Boomanjin

Lake Boomanjin camping area is a fenced campground that appropriate for tent camping. It is a walk-in only campsite that is between a carpark and Lake Boomanjin. The area offers access to fishing, swimming and water sports. The people are friendly, and the atmosphere is great for children. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will love staying at Lake Boomanjin.


Extra Equipment Tip

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Camping in Australia offers a unique experience to enjoy the great outdoors. You will see some of the most beautiful beaches and National Parks in the world (check out our guide on camping in Queensland).

I can’t wait to go back because it is one of my favorite places to go when I need a break from the pressures of everyday life.


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