When you’re hitting some of the incredible slopes to be found in the Innsbruck, Tirol region, what could be better than custom skis that suit your every need and preference perfectly, or a custom snowboard that is specially adapted just for you?

If having your own skiing or snowboarding equipment custom-built in exactly the way you want sounds like your idea of snow sports heaven, then you want to check out Spurart – a ski and Snowboarding shop in Innsbruck, Tirol.

Take a weekend course whilst in Innsbruck with the friendly, knowledgeable team at Spurart to create your very own skis or snowboard, tailor-made to you and by you

They have a beautiful wood workshop close to the city centre of Innsbruck, so you could build your skis over a weekend and try them out on the Monday!

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How the workshops work

Spurart are really a great choice for an introduction into the art of ski and snowboard building. 

Their team are helpful and knowledgeable about every aspect of building winter sports equipment – you really don’t need any previous craftsmanship experience. 

They show you exactly how every stage is done, and guide you through it so you get to make all the decisions of yourself to create a completely unique set of skis or snowboard.

Why book the weekend workshop with Spurart 

Spurart design and build style for skis and snowboards is all handcrafted and very high tech. 

They use top quality materials, and have some very talented craftsmen in the shop so everything is made with precision. 

I also really liked their commitment to minimalism and elegant simplicity – they don’t put anything on the skis or snowboards that isn’t actually necessary. What you come out with are a really high quality set of skis and snowboards that will last for years thanks to the unique and custom-made design. 

Also, you get the enjoyment of having some pretty special and unique gear as SPURart skis and snowboards are only available to order.

With all this combined, it’s no wonder that SPURart are the biggest provider of “build-your-own” ski and snowboard workshops around the word. They’ve been running these workshops for over six years, and have had over 1000 happy workshop customers. 

These workshops and the skis that came out of the end are top quality and will leave you with a smile on your face once you see the end result.

Great ski and snowboard advice

One of the most useful things about this workshop was the detailed help to find the exact shape most suited to you. Most ski rental places don’t give you that sort of special attention. 

Spurart really took their time to get to know what I needed, so that they could construct some skis perfectly suited to me.

Ski & Snowboard design

Having so many choices for design options proves to be a lot of fun at the workshop. It’s like being a big kid in a candy shop. 

You can really get creative and take an active part in the process, from laser branding on precious wood veneer, to classic prints, to specially created templates from their in-house designers to create your own personal piece of art

Of course while you’re definitely getting skis or a snowboard with a sweet aesthetic design out of this workshop, functionality is definitely a top priority at the SPURart workshop. 

They focus heavily on the use and processing of the individual materials, such as bonding of the wood core or precise adaptation of the flex and radius. 

All these technical elements combine to create high range snow equipment you will treasure for a long time.

The SPURart shop has a personal and friendly feel, as it is a small Innsbruck business. This is great because it means the team really can take their time with your needs, and make sure you enjoy the weekend workshop.

They are incredibly passionate about maximum riding enjoyment and durability, and it’s quite fascinating to watch such a quality piece of equipment being made. 

Although SPURart are quite a small business, they are fully up to date with the latest production methods and material usage, and also innovate in ways that push forward the skiing industry’s established standards. 

When you’re talking about skis and snowboards that are individually made by hand as opposed to mass produced in a factory, you’re talking about a different standard of quality altogether.

THE SPURart team

There’s a very broad range of skis and snowboards on offer to build and design. The team are all freerider, race and touring pros, and it’s always cool to hang out with snow sports obsessive and hear about all their years of experience and passion for the powder

Not only that, SPURart is one of the few specialized small businesses in Tirol that still produce their own products. All their production takes place right in the Tirol region, and all of their resources come from the rich skiing culture of the area. 

Can you imagine a ski and snowboarding holiday in a region as beautiful as Tirol where you come away with your very own custom-built equipment handmade by Tirolean experts that you will use and love for years to come? 

That’s the experience you can have, and I have to say it’s one way to spend a different kind of weekend, building, tinkering and designing. 

The team at SPURart love nothing more than to mount your bindings, skins and split kits, and grind and wax your skis and snowboard to get them slope ready for you to get going straight away. 

If you want some high quality skis or a snowboard of your own, you can’t do much better than hand-making it yourself in a workshop surrounded by passionate experts like these guys.

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