Located in the 9th arrondissement in Paris, Opera is a stately area famous for its opulent department stores, amazing restaurants, elegant shopping galleries and rich theatres.

The area has hilly residential streets, cinemas, and bustling bars and pubs, making it an attractive area for visitors to enjoy a weekend in this dynamic neighborhood.

Situated in proximity to famous landmarks of the city, the Opera area is an ideal place to stay and experience the charms of Paris. A stroll down Opera’s avenues will take you to the Louvre Museum, numerous fashion boutiques, Madeleine church and the Vendome Place.

The closest metro stations in the area are Opéra (line 3, 7, 8), Chausetted’Antin La Fayette (line 7, 9), and Grands Boulevards (line 8, 9), making it easy for travelers and commuters to get from one point to another.

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How to make the most of the 9th arrondissement in Paris

Here is a list of things to see, do and experience in Opera Paris.

Wine and Dine in Opera

Paris is a foodie paradise and Opera is home to great restaurants, bistros and bars, serving scrumptious cuisines and exotic drinks. The area is full of local treasures and international cuisine.

  • A Noste: Noste is a newly opened venture that accommodates three eateries under the same roof. Each one of the eateries specializes in offering a variety of Basque cuisine in a uniquely designed setting. Cooked using fresh produces from the southwest of France, food served here tastes divine and delicious. The place is excellent for munching snacks and enjoying fine dining in a royal ambiance.
  • Racines: This restaurant is a popular name in the area, serving American basics and Mexican cuisines since 1983. Racines is spread across a huge area and is gracefully decorated in subtle colours. A favorite spot for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner and the spot also arranges private parties. It’s a must visit restaurant while in Opera. 
  • Drouant: The menu here includes themed sets ranging from the global Thai beef salad with vegetables to the silky leeks in vinaigrette. Enjoy your food paired with their exclusive wine list. The art-deco decoration and high level of service are some of the highlights of this place.

Shopping Destinations in Opera

A visit to Opera and the 9th arrondissement in Paris, is not complete without a little shopping spree. To shop like a local, here are the places to explore.

  • Fragonard Perfume Museum: This unusual museum showcases amazing collections of perfumes and has the richest collection of perfumery products, dating back to 1926. Fragonard is a French private museum from the era of Napoleon III. The perfume shop is great, selling amazing perfumes, though they are expensive.  You can also find antique perfume bottles, containers and toiletry sets. You cannot resist buying a little something to take away.
  • Village Joué Club: This toy store is the largest in Paris, offering a large variety of big and small toy brands. Though the store is dedicated to children, it’s fun for the whole family to browse through the amazing collection of stuffed toys, creative activities and educational and outdoor toys.
  • Galeries Lafayette: This highly popular French department store offers you everything you can imagine. Whether you want to shop for souvenirs, fashionable clothes, cosmetics, or housing decoration items, this 10-storey store has it all. The store is a symbol of the French lifestyle, successfully bringing together the country’s best creations. It’s a must visit store if you want to enjoy a unique shopping experience.
Opera, in the 9th arrondissement in Paris, France
Opera, in the 9th arrondissement in Paris, France

To enjoy a visit in Paris, your itinerary must include a visit to Opera – the 9th arrondissement in Paris is the place where France has entertained the whole of Europe during its celebrated decades.


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