Ready to ditch the daily grind and dive headfirst into the sea of serenity? Well, it’s time to pack your yoga mat and get set for an adventure like no other!

We’re taking you on a virtual tour of Spain’s coolest yoga retreats, where tranquility is the name of the game and peace is the prize. Say goodbye to your daily hustle and hello to some seriously good vibes.

So, let’s roll out that yoga mat and embark on a journey to find the most fantastic yoga retreats in Spain.

Here is an overview:

4 of the Best Yoga Retreats in Spain

Discover the ultimate guide to the best yoga retreats in Spain! From serene landscapes in Catalonia to energizing experiences in Fuerteventura.

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Alaya Retreat Centre: Experience the Power of Equine Connection in Catalonia

Nestled right in the heart of Catalonia, amidst Mother Nature’s grandeur, you’ll find the idyllic Alaya Retreat Centre. Located on a renovated 150-year-old wine farm called “Cal Pau Cruset”, this retreat centre is just 45 minutes away from bustling Barcelona. Surrounded by vineyards and an expansive garden teeming with fruit trees such as olives and almonds, it offers an ideal space to find peace of mind.

Imagine waking up to the gentle kiss of the morning sun over the lush hills, accompanied by a symphony of chirping birds. It’s the perfect start to a day filled with yoga that caters to every taste.

At Alaya, they’ve got it all – from the energizing flow of Vinyasa Yoga to the ultimate relaxation of Restorative Yoga. And what’s even better? Their experienced instructors customize each session, giving you the perfect mix of nurturing and challenging poses, all tailored to your unique needs. It’s like yoga on your terms!

While yoga might be at the kernel of Alaya Retreat Centre’s offerings, it provides more than just physical exercise. Adventure-seekers can explore nearby hiking trails, discover secluded waterfalls, or dive into natural rock pools, while others indulge in freedom through artistic expressions like an outdoor painting or pottery class. Complete the day with a lip-smacking vegetarian lunch made with love from locally sourced organic produce.

At the Alaya Retreat Centre, you will discover three private villas and one spacious villa that forms their stunning ‘Masia‘ or wine farm complex. Additionally, they have a generous-sized yoga shala spanning 120 square meters.

To further enhance your experience, there is also a beautiful swimming pool measuring 4×12 square meters located at the far end of the garden amidst palm trees and abundant fruits. Moreover, near this oasis lies a wellness centre featuring indulgent amenities like jacuzzis and saunas.

This place exudes inspiration while providing an idyllic setting suitable for various activities, including yoga retreats, meditation groups, and workshops catering to diverse interests.

Furthermore, this retreat center ensures accommodation options tailored to fit every budgetary requirement. You can luxuriate in suites equipped with personal jacuzzies, enjoy standard double rooms or opt for comfortable bunk beds. Choosing between private quarters or shared accommodations adds versatility to suit individual preferences.

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Azulfit Surya Retreat, Fuerteventura: Take a Break from the Hustle and Bustle of Life, Embrace Silence and Surrender to Solitude

Atop the breathtaking hills of Fuerteventura, the Azulfit Surya Retreat calls out to all seeking an oasis of calm. Picture yourself surrounded by stunning ocean vistas, indulging in yoga sessions as the sun sets – a sight that stays with you forever.

What makes this place truly special? It’s all about Kundalini and Yin Yoga, along with a mix of Pilates, Reiki sessions, and lavish spa treatments. They’ve got it all to nurture your spirit and awaken your body. It’s like a paradise crafted for spiritual enlightenment and physical rejuvenation. Let the waves of peace and wellness wash over you!

Azulfit Surya Retreat can be found in the charming village of Villaverde, Las Palmas, Spain. It is conveniently located just a short 10-minute drive away from the beach in this picturesque and typically Canarian village.

The retreat offers stunning volcanic landscapes and breathtaking views of both the ocean and all the way to Lanzarote, making it an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For those who wish to explore the island, Azulfit Surya Retreat’s location is perfect.

This villa showcases exquisite Spanish architecture at its best. The building features white-washed walls that perfectly complement its beautiful wooden beams. Inside, there is a delightful internal courtyard adorned with vibrant flowers and palm trees.

At the heart of Azulfit Surya Retreat lies its kitchen and lounge area. These spaces exude warmth and charm, enhanced further by a cosy wood-burning fire as well as captivating vistas of both the ocean and surrounding countryside.

The extensive gardens offer various relaxing spots, including a spacious swimming pool, Jacuzzi hot tub, deluxe sun lounging area, refreshing shade hammocks, and patio chairs inviting you to unwind with a good book or engage in friendly conversations with fellow guests.

The Azulfit Surya retreat boasts an array of private ensuite rooms as well as shared ensuite rooms. Guests can also enjoy spending time in a lovely Canarian-style internal courtyard or dining al fresco while lounging on comfortable sofas for reading or simply unwinding after an adventurous day exploring all that this enchanting place offers – all while staying connected through complimentary Wi-Fi access.

The combination of Yoga and Pilates is a perfect match. They have created a program that motivates both beginners and experienced practitioners with inspiring challenges.

With highly skilled instructors who create a warm atmosphere, you can enjoy daily classes in both Pilates and yoga, suitable for all levels. The weekly schedule offers over 20 hours of diverse classes at a comfortable pace, allowing you to participate in everything or choose to relax and explore other therapies during your holiday – it’s up to you!

All of the different practices remain optional throughout the week-long course. We highly recommend giving them a shot – trust us! The results will leave you feeling absolutely amazing!

For the culinary inclined, attend on-site Spanish cooking classes, while adventure-seekers can head for surfing or horseback riding along the rugged coastline. As night falls, gather under the starry sky for communal dinners featuring Mediterranean flavors before sinking into your whimsical white-canopied bed.

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Villa Azul in Fuerteventura: Where the Rolling Atlantic Waves Set the Rhythm for Days of Self-Discovery

Perched amidst the stunning panorama of Fuerteventura, Villa Azul captivates the innately peaceful aura of Spain’s second-largest Canary Island.

Imagine merging the calming serenity of yoga with the exhilarating vibes of surfing. Villa Azul has crafted a haven that’s a treat for wellness buffs. And after a day filled with zen moments and thrilling waves, why not pamper yourself with a revitalizing bio-organic massage or a detox therapy? It’s the cherry on top of your stay in this paradisiacal retreat!

Experience the invigorating power of nature in Fuerteventura yourself. From the majestic volcanoes to the vast ocean, from breathtaking sunrises and sunsets to a sky adorned with stars at night, and not forgetting the enchanting moonrise. Can you think of a more perfect place for a yoga retreat than Fuerteventura?

Your lodging is situated in Villaverde, an authentic and relaxed village typical of the Canary Islands that is just a short 10-minute drive away from the stunning beaches known as Las Dunas (The Dunes) of Corralejo. Villa Azul provides a serene sanctuary where you can unwind, find inner peace, and fully immerse yourself in each present moment.

This charming village boasts picturesque surroundings with towering volcanoes and lush palm trees—a true oasis that will instantly make you feel right at home. The atmosphere here couldn’t be more ideal for practicing yoga.

Choose among various rooms featuring distinct styles and themes catered to different preferences. Whether it’s enjoying some downtime in our beautiful garden or socializing in our cozy lounge area, or even sipping tea on our terrace overlooking the mesmerizing ocean view—there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

Fuerteventura offers an abundance of idyllic beaches characterized by crystal-clear turquoise waters—an absolute paradise for swimming, snorkeling, surfing—or simply indulging in moments of meditation while basking under the nourishing rays of sunlight. Feel every grainy particle between your toes as you walk along sandy shores; let salty seawater caress your skin whilst breathing in refreshing ocean breezes—the ultimate recipe for tranquility.

Being one of Europe’s sunniest islands boasting minimal cloudy days or foggy weather conditions means there’s ample opportunity for replenishing vitamin D levels daily if desired.

Villa Azul offers a serene and incredibly cozy vibe, featuring uniquely designed rooms inspired by different parts of the globe, as well as numerous comfortable spots to unwind. Whether you prefer indulging in a good book amidst the lush garden, taking a refreshing swim in the pool, engaging in pleasant conversations with fellow visitors at the lounge, or simply savoring breathtaking ocean views from the balcony terrace – there is something for everyone here. Additionally, if your stay coincides with harvest season, do not miss out on experiencing delectable fruits and vegetables cultivated within their vibrant Buddha garden.

Tai Chi Fuerteventura Wellbeing Retreat

At Tai Chi Fuerteventura Wellbeing Retreat, you can participate in various yoga classes. Throughout the one-week program, they offer both Yin and Yang styles of yoga to create harmony between active and passive energies, as well as masculine and feminine energies. These classes focus on the importance of proper breathing, physical movement, and being fully present.

During the practice at this retreat center, you will embody the concept of ‘Ahimsa‘, which emphasizes non-violence towards oneself. The main goal of Tai Chi Fuerteventura Wellbeing Retreat is to prioritize your well-being while also allowing you the freedom to customize your yoga and meditation practice according to your own needs.

This approach entails providing options that allow you to tailor your practice based on personal preferences under their guidance. Additionally, they provide precise alignments and corrections for a safe, preventive, therapeutic, and sustainable experience. This helps prevent repetitive stress on joints and ligaments that may occur due to an imbalanced yoga routine or lifestyle choices.

With a holistic perspective in mind during every class session at Tai Chi Fuerteventura Wellbeing Retreats ensures each student receives individual attention throughout their journey.

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Can Mas Rural – Eco Juice Detox in Tordera, close to Barcelona

Welcome to Eco Detox’s Eight-Day Detox Retreat in Barcelona, Spain. This bilingual (Spanish/English) retreat has been designed by the professionals at Eco Detox to provide you with a transformative experience that goes beyond the typical seven-day cycle.

Located in Can Mas, a rural house in the beautiful Costa Brava National Park, just north of Pineda de Mar, this retreat offers breathtaking views from every angle of the house. Surrounded by lush forests, daily walks will take you to explore caves and waterfalls, while allowing you to appreciate an abundance of flora and fauna. The weather here is usually warm and sunny, so even in the winter months there are plenty of opportunities to bask in the sun and listen to the birdsong.

This family-owned and -operated lodge pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your rooms are both comfortable and stylish.

Can Mas is a 17th century farmhouse. It is made up of different buildings, such as the manor house, the lord’s house, the barn, the stables, the drying room, the cellar and the threshing floor. Although these structures are not connected internally, they form a unified and spacious home. Several extensions and constructions were added over time, including terraces, a café and a bar area.

Each room has mosquito netting on the windows for a peaceful night’s sleep. Accommodation options range from dorm beds to more private rooms with shared or en-suite bathrooms. The yoga shala is another highlight – during winter classes, a log fire will keep you toasty.

Aerial of the Can Mas Rural in Tordera, Catalonia, Spain.
Aerial of the Can Mas Rural in Tordera, Catalonia, Spain.

Throughout the retreat, you will enjoy invigorating hikes through picturesque countryside, leading you to enchanting waterfalls and serene forests.

As your fast progresses over these eight days, expect profound detoxification effects on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. Our bodies naturally function on one-week cycles; therefore, fasting for a longer period of time allows us to gain greater clarity about how we nourish ourselves both physically and emotionally. In addition, passing the seven-day mark ensures cellular renewal in various bodily processes – eliminating harmful toxins while replacing potentially diseased cells within us. With our unique eight-day program designed specifically for deeper detoxification experiences, you can look forward to each day bringing you closer to greater clarity, increased energy levels, inner peace, and overall well-being.

Combined with the preceding week of preparation, this retreat provides valuable insight into behavioral patterns related to food, allowing you to identify attachments to certain foods and eating habits. The process of liquid fasting can be transformative, and Eco Detox is committed to supporting you during and after the retreat to foster a healthier relationship with yourself and food.

Connecting with nature, breathing techniques, yoga, exercise and meditation all help to create a peaceful environment that allows for deep introspection and rest away from our typically hectic lives. While weight loss may naturally occur as part of this journey, it is not our primary focus.

Cozy indoor yoga room at Can Mas Rural in Tordera, Catalonia, Spain.
Cozy indoor yoga room at Can Mas Rural in Tordera, Catalonia, Spain.

While fasting, we highly recommend participating in yoga, movement, and breathing classes; although optional, they gently activate cleansing processes in the body while facilitating emotional release, reconnecting with one’s essence, and forging unique bonds within the group.We encourage avoiding excessive hours of lying down to prevent fatigue.Being attuned to your body’s needs and making time for silence and stillness is crucial throughout this experience.

This retreat also provides an opportunity for physical rest and disconnection from the stresses of daily life. Smoking is antithetical to the detoxification process, so we recommend that you reduce or stop smoking during your stay. If necessary, you may smoke outside the house grounds. Cell phone use should be limited during the retreat. A digital detox is encouraged to accompany your overall cleansing process.

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Each one of these retreats seamlessly infuses yoga, mindfulness, adventure, local culture and nutrition into unique and unforgettable wellness escapes.

Whether you’re a budding yogi looking for a tranquil escape or an experienced practitioner seeking to deepen your practice, these yoga retreats in Spain promise an enriching journey of personal growth and self-discovery, enveloped in splendid Spanish landscapes.


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