People often overlook Arkansas when driving across the USA, but it’s one of my favorite states!

I’m from the Little Rock area and so I’m sharing seven of my top free things to do in Little Rock, Arkansas’ capital and most populous city.

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Presidential Library Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas

7 Free Things To Do In Little Rock, Arkansas

1. Walk (or ride a bike) on one of the seven bridges over the Arkansas River

The Presidential Library Bridge one of my favorites. You can see beautiful views of the city and enjoy the breeze as you cross the Arkansas River.

2. Visit Heifer Village

The Heifer Project is world renowned charity that is working to enrich the lives of people through sustainable projects all over the planet. Get a little insight in to their work, plus learn a few things about the world by visiting the Global Village at their headquarters. If you have time, you canĀ take a free tour of their offices and learn all about the measures the company took to build the most eco-friendly building in Little Rock.

3. The River Market

The market is most active on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but on all days, this building is full of shops and restaurants with plenty of eye candy. Lots of Little Rock events happen at the River Market or in the amphitheater on the green behind the market. You can walk all over the market and in the park behind it for free, but if you are ready for a snack, be sure and try one of the homemade popsicles.

4. Go to Jack Stephens Nature Center

This center is operated by the Forest Department. It’s a beautiful wilderness of Arkansas ecosystems, plants and animals. If you have kids, you can ask at the counter for the free scavenger hunt to do around the center.

5. Visit the Old Arkansas State House

This beautiful building is full of the history of Arkansas and the South. The displays are well done and the old Greek revival building is most famous for being the site of Bill Clinton’s celebration party when he was elected to the presidency in 1992.

6. Do a Self Guided Civil Rights Tour

Central High School is in downtown Little Rock and is the home to the famous story of the Little Rock Nine. Nine students bravely integrated the high school in 1957, and their stories are displayed in the Central High School Museum across from the school. This National Park site is an important walk down a dark period of history in the South. After you go to the museum, you can go to the Arkansas State Capital and view the memorial that has been put there in honor of the Little Rock Nine. A bronze sculpture of these nine students brings the event to life.

7. Climb Pinnacle Mountain

On the west side of Little Rock is a small mountain that takes about an hour to climb. The views from the top are amazing, and the landscape of the trail is a wonderful example of the beauty that can be found in Arkansas. After you visit the park, you will know why Arkansas is called The Natural State.