Doing the Upper Mustang trek is a rare privilege.

Here you will encounter the lifestyle of genuine mountain individuals, who have for the longest time had very little contact with whatever is left of Nepal, and even until lately had an authoritatively perceived lord.

Where is the Upper Mustang trek?

From multiple points of view, a trek into Upper Mustang is like trekking in Tibet, as geologically it is a part of the Tibetan level. The region of Mustang was, until 1950, a different kingdom inside the limits of Nepal. The last ruler, the Raja of Mustang, still has his home in the old capital known as Lo Manthang.

Upper Mustang was opened to non-Nepali trekkers exactly fifteen years ago and even today, travel there is exceedingly limited. To travel to Upper Mustang, that is to advance north of Kagbeni, trekkers require a unique trekking grant and should be joined by an administration selected officer.

Upper Mustang, being in the Himalayan rain shadow, is one of the areas in the nation appropriate for trekking except during rainstorms. Luckily the upper Kali Gandaki valley is still very dry with infrequent precipitation.

The Upper Mustang Trek, Nepal
The Upper Mustang Trek, Nepal

Difficulty of the Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang trek is not especially difficult, the highest point being just 3,800 meters, however the trekking conditions on occasion can be quite strenuous. Mustang is cool in winter and is constantly breezy and dusty as the year progresses.

Short, strategically planned winter treks are best due to the unforgiving climate. There are few convenience stores above Kagbeni, so keep this in mind, particularly with regards to fuel. While watchmen are accessible in Jomsom it is better to utilize donkeys to convey heaps up to Mustang. These pack creatures are accessible locally.

Duration of The Upper Mustang Trek

The Mustang trek requires at least 9 days, beginning and ending in Kagbeni. This permits the trek to be finished inside the 10-day time span that the permit allows. The course for the most part is taken through the Kali Gandaki Valley. Settlements are isolated and the towns undeveloped. In Mustang, there is no water system so the district looks like an abandoned though rugged, settlement.

Lo Manthang, the old capital, is reached within four days and an additional day ought to be spent here to view the sights and sounds of this extraordinary walled settlement. Horses are accessible on contract if you wish to ride.

Some of the Upper Mustang treks are as long as 19 days – like this one!


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