Are you a lover of meat?

Does it make you salivate with the thought of slow-roasted beef or dripping pork ribs?

This list is bound to make you very hungry and happy then!

We took the time to put together a list of restaurants in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and
Adelaide where you can get the best American barbeque.

They specialize in a range of southern BBQ items from pulled pork, spareribs to fall apart brisket that will give a run for their money to any BBQ restaurant in the American South.

Here are our favorite American-Style BBQ in Australia

Barbecue Bluebonnet and Loretta’s – Melbourne

The décor is what you would describe as American junkyard chic in this barbeque joint, tucked into the corner of a pub, worn plank doors serve as tables and rusty old power pole bits act as light fittings.

The food, meanwhile is epic. Various smoked meats are texturally perfect, and the meat comes in100g portion like most barbeque places.

The meat is not cheap, but with huge portions of the best sides in town, such as beetroot, barley and dill salad, giant deep-fried McClure’s pickles, miso-sweet Brussels sprouts, or apple, red cabbage and kohlrabi slaw.

Bring friends, when you have a large group to split and conquer, it works best here.

American BBQ Low and Slow – Adelaide

From their food truck days, Low and Slow has come a long way now they are based in the buzzy Port Adelaide.

Their menu includes ribs that have developed a cult, plus beef brisket, pulled pork and the standout in our eyes: hot wings with blue cheese sauce.

They are cooking beef like professional pitmasters here. So if you’re unable to choose, order a banquet. You’ll get to try all the meats and a variety of down-home Southern sides at $35 per person.

Fancy Hank’s BBQ Joint – Melbourne

The true American vibe of Fancy Hank’s nails is better than almost any venue in Melbourne.

Most people will be here for a great barbeque, and we can tell these guys to nail it after testing a lot of smokehouses around town. You can also get specialty cocktail tops and cocktail jugs.

The other drawcard here is the abundance of outdoor space on the open rooftop or on the huge balcony overlooking the markets, among the greenery of the courtyard.

Vic’s Market Meat – Sydney

At the Sydney Fish Market, fourth-generation butcher Anthony Puharich has opened a two-part venture (butcher shoppe and sandwich shoppe).

In rich smoky shreds, cut with a vinegary coleslaw, their pulled pork sandwich falls apart while the brisket is fatty and tender.

Not into gluten? They also provide options for smoked meat and side salads, so you can feel at least five percent healthy while ordering.

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ – Perth

Step into Old Faithful’s rustic interior and get ready for some quality American BBQ.

All the meats here are prepared and smoked in-house; rubbed with an expert blend of spices that try to taste the buds. Pick up some of their belly from the pig, ribs, beef brisket, or tasty chicken wings.

A must-have is their watermelon salad with jalapeño and lime cream. Is there room for dessert yet? Old Faithful got s’mores, a stout banana cream pie, and a honeycomb mudcake.

The Winston – Tasmania

The Winston is also where Hobart’s best barbeque is to be found.

In Baltimore, co-owner Caroline Kiehne was born and raised and her influence is evident in the diner-style menu.

All excellent are the pit beef sandwiches, Buffalo wings and baby back ribs. From jalapeno poppers to pecan pie and Maryland-spiced blue swimmer crab, daily specials vary. It’s done exceptionally well with serious comfort food.

Up In Smoke -Melbourne

We always start with dessert, specifically the banana cream pie at Footscray’s American barbeque restaurant. Once you’ve had that, it’s all about the barbeque, a $20,000 barbeque that sits behind a glass window like a jewel.

The menu is full of by burgers, salads, sandwiches and tasty snackettes, and the smoked meats come out to play when the clock hits 6pm. A happy pile of sweet pulled pork, a pleasantly hefty jalapeno-and-cheddar sausage and shimmering beef brisket slices with a hint of smoke and a nice layer of fat.

So, say goodbye to your onion that is charred.

Sure, Australia has our own very distinct barbeque traditions, but Aussies are coming around to the Southern style of doing things all over the country so make sure you check out some of these places when you visit Australia!

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