If you’re reading this, I assume you share the same appreciation for food as I do. Personally, one of my favorite meals is breakfast!

When I’m traveling or just having a weekend to myself at home, nothing makes me happier than starting my day with something delicious and there are some great Ottawa restaurants to choose from.

Here are my top ten breakfast joints in downtown Ottawa. I chose to compile two separate lists since there are two ways to eat breakfast, on the cheap or as a baller. As there are many great places to eat in Ottawa, especially for breakfast, I figured I would keep my focus downtown since if you’re visiting Ottawa, you’ll likely be staying in this area.

Please note: although I only chose my top ten Ottawa restaurants for breakfast, there are many many more great places to eat in the city. These are just my personal favorites! Bon appetit!

Ottawa, Canada
Downtown Ottawa

Cheap Ottawa Restaurants for Breakfast

#5. Zaks Diner

Location: Byward Market

This establishment is great, they serve all day breakfast, are open 24 hours and make some great milk shakes. I can honestly say that I have rarely been at this diner during regular breakfast hours. But if you’re out on the town and are looking for what I like to call “Drunch” which is Brunch when Drunk. Then you will love this place. In the wee hours of the morning, this place is packed, but if you have a little patience you’ll be fine!

#4. Elgin Street Diner (ESD)

Location: Elgin Street (in between Frank & Gladstone)

This is another great place that’s open 24 hours, serves breakfast at all times, and has great milkshakes. BUT, the one thing that set’s ESD apart from the others, is that instead of homefries with your breakfast, you can upgrade to a side of poutine. Or, just go ahead an order the hangover breakfast. It will certainly cure that hangover! This is also a diner which is very busy in the wee hours of the morning, but really on a Saturday and Sunday, they are pretty much busy all the time. The service has always been fast in my experience, and if you are new to poutine, you should definitely check it out!

#3. The Lieutenant’s Pump

Location: 361 Elgin Street (South of Somerset)

This is a great place for pints after work but their brunch is fantastic! Be prepared to wait in line, as this is a fan favorite in Ottawa. Huge menu with lots of options, the prices are right and the pump knows how to serve brunch! Brunch is only available on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

#2. Ada’s Diner

Location: Bank Street (South of Gladstone)

This is a little restaurant with a big heart. It’s open all week, from 8 until 3 and is usually pretty busy. The turnover is quick so if you have to wait to get a seat, it shouldn’t be too long. Ada is usually running around taking orders with a big smile on her face. The menu had a lot to offer, the price is certainly right and if you’re looking for something different, and that isn’t a chain. Ada’s is perfect!

#1. Bramasole’s

Location: Bank Street (North of Gladstone)

This is my absolute favorite place for breakfast. It’s a little hole in the wall with a lot of character, fast service, and consistently great food. I am a little partial to this place since I live very close by and frequent it often. But other than me just loving this place, I find it has everything the top 4 other’s have but is just dedicated to breakfast. Much like Ada’s, it’s only open from 7 or 8am until 3pm and if it’s busy, you can expect to wait. But you don’t usually have to wait long! Bramasole’s is no chain and the menu rarely changes. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast with the right amount of grease to cure that hangover, Bramasole’s is for you. Might I recommend the Bram-Slam for those of you who are big breakfast eaters!!

Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa, Canada

Baller Ottawa Restaurants for Breakfast

#5. Fresco’s

Location: 354 Elgin Street (North of Gladstone)

This is not the most expensive but it’s a little pricier than some but the quality of the food is worth it. Brunch is only served on weekends here. The menu has lots of options for everyone and if you like coffee, they have great options! The bread is fresh and local. This is a fantastic spot for diner and apps and late night drinks! It makes perfect sense they would do Brunch right!

#4. The Manx

Location: 370 Elgin Street (North of Gladstone)

Another fan favorite in Ottawa. You must be prepared to wait in line or get there early! The atmosphere is probably my favorite thing about this pub, it feels like you’ve gone back in time. The place is small which is why it get’s so busy, but the food really speaks for itself. I will be honest, I haven’t been to this pub in years, one of the reason is that I hate waiting in line.

#3. Pubwell’s

Location: Preston Street (north of Somerset Street)

This is a pub that many people who’ve lived in Ottawa may have never heard of. It’s kind of one of those places that unless you’ve been there, or know people who have, you’ve probably never seen it. It’s a little hidden gem that if you’re alone and want some breakfast, you can walk in with your book or newspaper, and the server (usually only one for breakfast) will make you feel right at home. The first time I ate here, I was nervous. I’ve had many pub breakfasts before, and not that they were bad, but they were typical. This one on the other hand was anything but. The menu had A LOT of options. Most of the time I’m the last to order because I can’t decide. It’s quick, it’s inexpensive and best of all, you’ll likely never have to wait to get a seat. It isn’t the matter that this place has no costumers, or that the people of Ottawa are breakfast snobs, it’s merely that for those of us who frequent it, we like to keep it hidden! Breakfast is only served on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and only until 2pm.

#2. Jak’s Kitchen

Location:  479 Bronson Ave (South of Gladstone)

This is a great little spot that is often forgotten! It’s a hidden gem that we often need to be reminded of. The prices aren’t much higher, but the quality s worth it. The options are minimal, but I think whatever they do, they do it right. They serve breakfast daily until 3pm, which isn’t always easy to find! I think everyone should try and eat here once for any meal, and try not to go back.

#1. The Berryman Pub

Location: 478 Bank Street (South of Gladstone)

This is one of my favorite pubs in Ottawa, the atmosphere is great, the service is always great and the food will impress. They only have brunch on weekends and the menu is small, but who likes to make decisions when your tired and hungry! The only reason I put this spot in the “baller” category, is that every time I’ve eaten here, I’ve always had specialty coffee’s which will drive up the price of any meal!

I hope this post helps you make your breakfast choices when in Ottawa. But like I mentioned earlier, there are many other great places to choose from, but these are my personal favorites.