Trout and salmon fishing is a sport many Americans and Canadians love. Blessed by the natural abundance of trout in the Americas and the yearly steelhead run from Alaska and Russia, there’s no doubt why North America is one of the top manufacturers of fishing lures in the world.

So head to your local tackle store, grab some lures and tackle, and head out to find yourself some salmon and trout. There are four primary places in North America where you can catch these fish in abundance, and we’ve listed these below.

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Trout and Salmon Fishing in the USA and Canada

Port Eliza, British Columbia

British Columbia has the best trout fishing at an inlet called Port Eliza, located in Tahsis. This area is absolutely beautiful with an abundance of natural scenery and also a massive yearly run of wild salmon. The local rivers also hold many other species fo salt water fish, and it is always a productive area no matter what you are targeting. For accommodation there is a number of riverside lodges available to suit all budgets, and guided tours along with fishing charters are also in abundance.

Ship Creek, Alaska

Further west from British Columbia is the small town of Anchorage in Alaska, namely the place to catch salmon is a small area called Ship Creek. Alaska has by far the largest abundance of wild salmon around and the yearly salmon run takes place between July and September. You will however need to ensure you have a special licence for King Salmon if you are going to target fish during this season, regardless if you land one or not, the permit is required. Otherwise all other times of year regular rainbow trout and steelheads are available.

Washington State

Washington State is a great place to fish also if you don’t want to leave the mainland USA, the weather is far better and the fishing is almost as good as further north. There is often a fair few Chinook salmon to be caught and Steelhead too during their annual run, more information on these dates can be found online.

Cheyenne River, South Dakota

South Dakota also have a great amount of Salmon and being located in the Midwest provides fishermen from the Eastern states a place to target wild trout. The best trout are often found in shallow rivers one of which is the Cheyenne river. Trout will travel upstream while they are young and find the shallowest waters to take cover, feeding primarily off insects at the top of the water, but also the occasional minnow or two that may stop past while travelling upstream even further.

These are by far the best places in the USA and Canada to go fishing for salmon and trout, regardless where in the USA you are from, there are often wild salmon available in the northern USA but also trout is stocked in the lower states too.

Check your local fisheries website for guides to where trout stocking takes places in your local region if you can’t make it to one of the above mentioned locations.