I spent three days in Milan, Italy last year on a business trip.

My company booked a modern double room at the iQ Hotel Milano, which I did not know but surprised me in a very positive way!

Let’s start with the location…

The 4-star hotel is located a few minutes’ walk from the Milano Centrale train station, a great thing if you travel by train.

After the check in, I discovered the many comforts of my room, in particular the very soft mattresses specially designed for a deep rest, as the staff explained to me.

What about the staff? All very kind, with sincere smiles and always ready to help, with precise directions, maps or suggestions from locals about the city. You are fortunate to be surrounded by helpful and fantastic staff.

On the top floor of the iQ Hotel, there is a modern and cozy bar, with a lounge area and lots of spaces to relax or work, meet people or be on your own.

Here, at the LiQuido Rooftop Bar you can enjoy tasty finger food with excellent cocktails and the view over the city is amazing!

Experience the perfect mix of casual, cool and vibrant at the LiQuido Rooftop Bar. A casual atmosphere, sophisticated cocktails and delicious finger food with a touch of innovation await you. The space is completely dedicated to your creativity and relaxation. Let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking view.

You’ll love LiQuido Rooftop Bar’s exquisite menu, which offers a perfect fusion of contemporary flavors. The gourmet menu is simple, yet appealing and tempting. The dishes are not only attractive but also absolutely appetizing.

How about a refreshing drink? While you make your choice, you can enjoy the mesmerizing performance of our mixologists. Whatever the time of day, a cocktail is always a good idea.

Another service I particularly loved was the spa:

It is not easy to find a hotel in the heart of the city with a private and nice spa, a real luxury. After days of exhausting work commitments, I used to return to the hotel and pamper myself to an hour of wellness, with a panoramic view of the city. A truly unique experience!

So if you are a sports enthusiast or if you prefer the warmth of a steam bath, at iQ Hotel Milano, you don’t have to choose, because you can have both. Whether you like to work out on the fitness equipment or prefer to sweat in the sauna, both are available for you to live out your passions. You can either enjoy the adrenaline of sports or detox.

You can enjoy a wellness area equipped with sauna, experience showers, ice cascade and Jacuzzi for 6 people. And you can enjoy a beautiful view of Milan Central Station.

To sum it up, the environment is simply beautiful and modern in design, which makes for a pleasant atmosphere. The breakfast is excellent – varied and of high quality. With the rooftop bar, there is a pleasant relaxation space on the top floor that invites you to unwind. And the location of the hotel is simply top!

On my next trips to Milan, for business or pleasure, my hotel will always be iQ Hotel Milano.

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  • Melvin

    Melvin is the founder and CEO of Travel Dudes, co-founder of the Social Travel Summit and the former COO of iambassador.