A good travel plan is suggested to explore alluring Iceland — the beautiful island country in the North Atlantic Ocean — in three days. The breathtaking beauty of Iceland is every adventurer’s dream. We’ve planned the perfect Iceland 3 day itinerary.

A comfortable and affordable journey plan to Iceland is something that every traveler looks for.

When you have a very short time to visit the most magnificent locations and cities of Iceland, forming your trip plan correctly is the most important thing to do. If you have only three days to experience this precious place, you’ll need to plan your days in the most effective way.

Here’s how to explore Iceland for 3 days!

Iceland 3 Day Itinerary
Iceland 3 Day Itinerary

Iceland 3 Day Itinerary

Day 1: Explore the city and visit the Blue Lagoon

According to most itinerary planners, the first step of your 3-day adventure will be reaching Reykjavik, the largest city as well as the capital of Iceland. Most stay in downtown Reykjavik.

Start off by having your breakfast at the famous ‘Eldur and Is’ to boost your energy level. There are plenty of bus tours and car-rentals available in Reykjavik for exploring the city. Visit the Saga Museum to know about the Icelandic history.

Once you are finished exploring the city it would be almost noon, so take a break for your lunch. Indulge yourself with devouring the heavenly yummy Icelandic fish and chips. Later in the day, don’t forget to try out some Icelandic ice-cream.

Taking a walk along the waterfront towards the Sun Voyager statue and visiting the Hallgrimskirkja Church is the best way to spend the evening. If there’s time, add a visit to the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa located in a lava field. Here, have a moment to relax and prepare for the next day’s rush.

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Reykjavik, cities of Iceland
Reykjavik, cities of Iceland

Day 2: Opt for the Golden Circle

Keep the second day of your brief sojourn in Iceland for the famous Golden Circle Tour. Despite the crowd, once you take the tour you’ll know that it was worth the effort. However, it’ll take up 9-11 hours of the day.

There are various eateries available in all of the major sites of the tour. However, the best food and coffee is available at Gullfoss waterfall. The first stop will be at Thingvellir, once a rift valley is now a national park. Then the stupendous Gullfoss or the Golden Fall is your next stop. Rely on the guidance of a tour guide and take some time to reach the cliff to get a view from the top, or take the stairs to reach the river.

The Great Geysir of Iceland is the earliest geyser familiar to the modern Europeans or mentioned in a printed source. After the beautiful hot spring, make a brief halt at  Skalholt Church, at the river Hvita. The scenic beauty of this historical site will end your trip for the day in the most magical way possible.

Reasons to do the Golden Circle Tour in Iceland
Golden Circle Tour, Iceland

Day 3: Southern Coast Waterfalls

On the third day, your Iceland 3 day itinerary will include a much deeper exploration of the South Coast. The day trip to Thorsmork and the magnificent waterfalls in the South Coast through canyons will lead you to a valley so serene and desolate.

Make your last stop at Raufarhaulshellir on your way back to the capital. Being a new variation of Iceland’s diverse natural beauty, it is an interesting lava chute cave. End the last day of your trip by tasting the finger-licking delicacies of Hamborgarbullan in Reykjavik.

The marvelous locations and the natural wonders in Iceland are waiting to be witnessed. Pack your bags and get ready to have the most enthralling experience of your life. 


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