Ever heard about Wasini Island in Kenya?

It’s a hidden paradise that you absolutely have to explore if you’re ever in the country. Here’s everything that you need to know to visit the island.

Wasini Island, Kenya

Wasini Island, known by many visitors as “paradise on earth”, is located at the southern end of Kenya’s coast, and is a distance of around 1.5 km from the small town of Shimoni on the mainland.

A public ferry transports visitors to the island within a few short minutes, and yet it’s still one of the hidden gems of Kenya. The island’s 2,000 inhabitants still welcome guests with a true Swahili-style “Karibu sana”.

For those who have visit Kenya before, Wasini might sound like Lamu’s or Diani’s little sister, but Wasini is actually a unique haven that is full of peace and tranquility. The hustle and bustle of Kenya’s coastal beaches seem a thousand miles away.

What to do in Wasini Island

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park is considered to be the most magnificent of all of Kenya’s marine parks. It covers an area of 39 square km and you will be hard pressed to find anywhere that can compete with the variety of beautiful fish species that can be found within the park’s boundaries.

The green sea turtle is also frequently spotted by snorkelers around the island. Another unique experience are the boat tours around the island from which you can look for dolphins and Humpback whales (if you’re lucky). 

As for activities on the island itself, don’t miss the ‘Coral Garden‘, which is made up of mesmerizing fossilized coral structures, some of which reach about three meters in height. A boardwalk allows for easy access to the “garden”, even when the area is flooded at high tide.

We recommend joining a Kisite Marine Park and Wasini Island Dhow tour (book here).

Where to stay in Wasini Island

Several traditional cottages are spread out in a wild garden along Wasini’s coast line.  Consider staying at the “Blue Monkey Beach Cottages“, where you’ll fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing. The owners (originally from Germany) cook delicious Swahili seafood dishes served on a tree-top terrace with great views of the sea and will guide you on private boat trips or walks around the island.  They’re also open to listen to your stories, because the clock seems to tick at a different pace here…

Search for places to stay in the area here.


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