3 days packed of Tirolean fun… I do hope I’m fit for it. I’m for sure look forward to some fun activities in Austria!

I’m leaving on Thursday morning. And when I write morning, I mean morning! I have to get up at 3 am, as my flight leaves at 7.00 am. Right after landing in Innsbruck, I’ll head to Activ Sunny Hotel Sonne, where I’ll dump my bag and force myself into a wetsuit!

A wetsuit in the Alps? What for?

The Alps are of course not just known for snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer… I remember, quite a few years ago, I heard the first time of Canyoning. And that was offered in the Alps! I’m not sure if it was “born” in Austria, but for me, it was the first time I’ve heard about it.

And now I’m heading to Devil’s Gorge to plunge myself into a deeeeep canyon. Some of the passages as narrow as 4 meters! I’m looking forward to some abseiling and jumping!

Instead of going down, let’s go up… On Friday I’ll show my monkey skills, jumping from tree to tree… from rope to rope in one of the biggest climbing forest of the Alps. Let’s stretch some muscles for the Hornpark high rope course! 80 elements are waiting in 8 different courses! One is called the Flying Fox… Let’s see what’s behind that name! Yay!

After going down the canyons and up the trees… Let’s go up and then down! I hope I will have not too much of muscle pain from the other activities on Saturday, as I will have to paddle myself up on Gaisberg mountain on a mountainbike!

What goes up, goes down, right? Why not on the popular Lisi Osl Trail? Let’s “drop” 450-meter altitude over a track’s length of 2,5 km!

Will I be fit for it? We’ll see and you can follow live by following #inAustria on the different social media channels.

With so much action, I need to recover any given minute!

Is a schnapps distillery the right place to recover? We’ll find out at Gidi’s Genusswerkstatt.  ðŸ™‚ If it’s not the schnaps, it will be the food to give back the needed energy! One lunch awaits us at the Angerer Alm, followed by a stop at the cheese-making farm Kasplatzl.

I’m sure you have heard of Kneipp pools and facilities, right? A fine foot reflex massage will for sure be appreciated by me! For that, I will even walk through the freezing water!  ðŸ˜‰

More food awaits us at Gaisbergstüberl, which also provides a nice view! Let’s hope for some good weather. Another panorama view will be at the Hohe Salve mountain, which also got the highest pilgrim’s church in Austria at the top.

What about traditional Austrian music? Don’t expect me to dance, but there will be some at Sunnseit Hüttn! But it’s, of course, something, which should be part of a visit to Tirol!

Sounds like 3 packed days of exciting fun, right? Probably I will lie flat a complete week with sore muscles afterwards!


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