Looking for an epic Cyprus itinerary? Keep reading for details on how to spend 10 days in Cyprus.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, and it has been a popular destination for travelers, holidaymakers, and adventurers for many years now. The sheer fact that human activity goes back to the 10th Century, means that this island is a little piece of heaven for those who are interested in history and witnessing some of the best-preserved sites in Europe. 

This is an island country that has glorious sunshine throughout the year, making it a year-round destination and a hot spot for winter getaways. You can expect to get 5-6 hours of sunshine in December and temperatures 22-23C (72-73F), while in July, the hottest month of the year you can expect 12-13 hours of sunshine during the day with fabulous temperatures of around 33C (91F). 

Apart from the great weather and historic attractions you can look forward to fantastic beaches, an array of activities as well as a cuisine which is derived from Turkey and Greece and will surely whet your appetite. Of course, there are many things to be discovered in this beautiful island country, so here is a 10-day Cyprus itinerary, which takes in some major sites and attractions, to inspire you. 

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Cyprus itinerary for 10 days

One of the best ways to explore this wonderful, sunny island is to tailor-make your trip with the help of Baboo Travel Destination Expert, which not only means you will get to see so much in a short time as well as leave the stress and hassle of planning behind, but you can be proud to know that you have contributed to local communities and offset your carbon footprint by traveling in this way.

The best thing is that your itinerary can be created to perfection, down to the last detail, so while this 10-day Cyprus itinerary takes in some awesome places, you can be excited to know that the changeable agenda is fully in your hands. 

So here are some of the exciting things you can expect to see and do in Cyprus. 

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Day 1-3: Larnaca 2 nights

Your journey will begin in Larnaca, the third-largest city in the country, which is home to a host of attractions such as the Kameres Aquaduct (built in 1750), St Lazarus Church, the Salt Lake, The Ancient Kition – which hosts temples dating back to the 13th Century, as well as the bustling promenade and unbeatable beaches like Mackenzie Beach

You will have two nights here, so there is plenty of time to check out the city’s museums, the small medieval castle, the main Europe Square as well as test out the infamous nightlife, which makes Larnaca famous. 

Including Larnaca in your Cyprus itinerary
Larnaca, Cyprus

Day 3-4: Ayia Napa 1 night

If there is one place you have heard of in Cyprus it will be Ayia Napa, known as the part center of Cyprus, which gives off a ‘Spring Break’ atmosphere. Of course, if you are a party goer, you will love the vibe of Ayia Napa, but if you are after a more low-key, adventurous trip, then make your way to the region’s best beach Konnos Bay, where you can hire a canoe, and go to Cape Greco for the day. 

Day 4-6: Nicosia 2 nights

After a delicious local breakfast in Ayia Napa, you will make your way to Nicosia, which is the largest city on the island, so you will certainly make the most of your two days here. Nicosia is Europe’s last remaining divided city and the place to soak up the culture and history. You will find a host of museums here to discover, as well as a range of ambient restaurants along with Ledra and Onasagorou Street, historic sites, and incredible architecture (Buyuk Han).

Evenings here are incredible, when the city lights up and live music venues get going. Luckily you have two nights here to absorb the culture. Considering there are a host of attractions here, be sure to choose according to your interests, and that way your perfect Cyprus itinerary will tick all the boxes. 

A few attractions include visiting the Cyprus Museum, shopping for crafts at Büyük Han, view the Byzantine Art inside Makarios Cultural Foundation, stroll Nicosia’s Old Town Neighborhood or see the Leventis Museum Collection.

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Cyprus itinerary must include Nicosia
Walled Old City, Nicosia, Cyprus

Day 6-7: Kyrenia 1 night

After two days and nights in Nicosia, and perhaps a last walk around the historic city, you will make your way to Kyrenia, a city on the north coast of the island, which is well known for its castle and historic harbor, both of which must not be missed. Grab a spot of lunch or a coffee in the cobblestone old town, before making it your mission to explore some of the town’s other attractions such as The Chain Tower and St Hilarion Castle

It is worth noting that in Northern Cyprus, the Turkish side of the Island uses Turkish Lira and follows the same visa process for Turkey, while the Greek side uses Euro. Don’t worry though, your Destination Expert will be on hand with all relevant information and advice for the trip. If you are after some sun and relaxation, make your way to Acapulco Beach the most popular beach in the area, and later on for dinner make the most of being on the Turkish side of the island by indulging in some incredible local dishes such as a Meze Platter, which is just as elaborate as you might have heard, and truly satisfying.

Kyrenia, Cyprus
Kyrenia, Cyprus

Day 7-9: Paphos 2 nights

Following your exciting day and night in Kyrenia, you will then explore Paphos, which is of course a coastal city in the southwest of the country. Here you can look forward to two whole days and nights marveling at some of the cities (which are divided into two towns – Kouklia and New Paphos), most inspiring sites like The Paphos Archeological Site by the harbor, Agora & Odeon – Roman ruins, Tombs of the Kings (UNESCO Site) as well as The Sanctuary of Aphrodite and Hrysopolitissa Basilica & St. Paul’s Pillar. There is no such thing as being bored in Paphos, so be sure to enjoy and take it all in. 

Day 9-10: Limassol 1 night

Your last day and night will be in the dynamic and modern city of Limassol, which is a perfect way to end the trip, with casual strolls through the old town, a walk along the peaceful promenade, and the last evening dinner with some live music at the newly built marina.

Planning your trip to Cyprus

As you might notice, Cyprus has an incredible array of things to see and do on such a small island, so as you can imagine, creating a tailor-made trip to suit your interests, hobbies, and expectations is the best way to take it all in. By creating this magical trip with your Baboo Travel Destination Expert, you are making sure that 85% of the money you spend, goes back into the local communities, contributes to regenerating the planet, as well as ensures you have as authentic and local an experience as possible.

Undoubtedly, Cyprus will blow you away, but the hardest choice you will make is how long you want to spend exploring this wonderful island.

PS – Make sure to also go wine tasting in Cyprus!

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Cyprus Itinerary - 10 Day Cyprus Itinerary
10 Day Cyprus Itinerary

If you’re a traveler that likes to give back to the community, make sure to book your trip with Baboo Travel. Not only will you support community projects that combat climate change and empower locals, but you’ll get a dedicated Cyprus travel expert to take the hassle and stress out of planning your trip.

Cyprus Itinerary - 10 Day Cyprus Itinerary

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Cyprus Itinerary - 10 Day Cyprus Itinerary
10 Day Cyprus Itinerary

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Cyprus Itinerary - 10 Day Cyprus Itinerary


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