Top Things to Do and Highlights of Mauritius

14 travel bloggers visited the island of Mauritius and explored it for a week.

Everyone had their personal highlights, in this post you will find…

Our favorite things to do on Mauritius:


Jumping down 3,000 meter was definitely THE highlight of my trip! Getting there by flying  that high was already really special. Seeing this crazy blue water from above is unbelievable. In the background you’ve got the mountains and you soon realize that it’s a very special destination for skydiving! I did a tandem jump with Skydive Mauritius and it’s actually the only ‘official’ way for jumping out of planes on Mauritius. My instructor surprised me with a backflip, right after we left the plane and from there on we circled towards the ground. Awesome!

Skydiving in Mauritius
Skydiving in Mauritius


I do love to play around with these little bikes a bit! Playing with the throttle, sliding a bit through the curves and enjyoing the little bumps. Yes, there awakens the little ‘Sebastian Vettel‘ in me! We started our tour in a group and this is fun, especially if you haven’t done quadbiking before. If you have done it before, see if it’s possible to ‘invest’ a bit more and do a private run! You will see the same great views, but you have the chance to play around far more than if you would be in the group. We went all the way up onto a hill and we had that incredible view! One side the ocean and on the other side the countryside with really nice looking rock formations!

Quadbiking in Mauritius
Quadbiking in Mauritius

Kitesurfing in Le Morne Lagoon

It was my first time ever and I wish I would have never done it! I knew it before… now I’m hooked! Being in the water and trying to get that kite to fly and do whatever you want it to do, is not as easy as it looks like! It’s a challenge! But could there be a nicer challenge, as you do it in paradise? I had a quick 3 hour session with Kite Globing, who operates the kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding for the Heritage Le Telfair Hotel. You do it in a nice little lagoon, so that you can stand pretty much everywhere, unless your kite drags you around the island. 😉  The wind conditions are usually good and that spot is not overcrowded like others. Great for beginners and pros!  

Le Morne is a big, shallow water lagoon with plenty of space for beginners. The water is a bit choppy due to the lagoon’s size and winds are usually strong, but still great for practicing and nailing new tricks. Below the water’s surface is a beautiful white sandy bottom with some sea grass here and there. Reef and rocks are on the right hand side, so I would recommend beginners to stay clear of that area. Once on the water, one can enjoy great scenery with turquoise water, white sand and a backdrop of green mountains. Pure pleasure.

Another hotel to recommend is the St. Regis Mauritius is a luxury resort with beautiful rooms and a white sandy beach protected from the winds for perfect relaxation. Inside the resort there is Club Mistral Prestige which offers all the services needed; from kite lessons, rental, rescue to exclusive trips and private kite spots.  

Helicopter Tour

My absolute highlight in Mauritius was seeing the island from above during a helicopter tour with Air Mauritius.  The views of the coves, reefs and lagoons, the little towns and the mountains were simply awe-inspiring.

Helicopter flight in Mauritius.
Helicopter flight in Mauritius.

Catamaran Trip to Ile Plate and lunch at the Governors House

Another highlight of Mauritius is the catamaran trip to Ile Plate in the north of the island with 20 Degres Sud. On the way to the island, a mother Southern Right whale and her baby showed up and accompanied us for a bit. The island itself, with its stunning sandy beaches and amazing crystal-clear water, is magic!

Île Plate, also known as Flat Island, is a small island located 11km of Mauritius. After landing on the island we went snorkeling inside the lagoons, walking through the whole island exploring its unique nature. On the end of the island we stopped in charming Governors House for a gourmet dinner and a cocktail on a beautiful private white sandy beach. Our unforgettable trip ended with sunset sailing back to Mauritius.

This was the perfect end to our trip. From the moment we boarded the boat to the time we arrived we relaxed, enjoyed awesome seafood and stunning scenery. It’s the ultimate day trip to spoil yourself with.  Getting served rhum cocktails while splashing about in the turquoise blue sea was pure indulgence. Lunch at the historic Governors House was just perfect followed by a little post lunch chill time on a private beach. Spotting a whale and dolphins from the catamaran on our way back and the sunset was like something out of the movies. Paradise found.

Catamaran sailing trip to the beach of Ile Plate, Mauritius.
Catamaran sailing trip to the beach of Ile Plate, Mauritius.

Abseiling the Tamarin Falls

One other experience I won’t easily forget was my abseiling trip at the Tamarin Falls with Otelair. This trip showed me another side of Mauritius: its mountainous interior and lush forests; and it was another opportunity for me to challenge my fear of heights!


Birdie on the 18th at Anahita! It was the last few moments of light and I had been having an amazing day hanging out by the beach, spending time in the spa and golfing with the club pro at Four Seasons Anahita. It was the 18th hole and I made the type of drive off the tee that keeps you coming back. Following that stuck a 3-wood near the green; chipped on and sunk a 15 foot birdie as the sunset, what a feeling!

Drinking Tea

Sitting on the front porch of Domaines des Aubineaux (www) in Curepipe with a cup of tea in my hand… For a split second I felt like I was some distinguished tea producer of yesteryear who lived in the house and was enjoying tea time. I had a rare glimpse of what life was like for some in that era as I tasted the tea and enjoyed the mid-day sun.

Drinking tea at the Domaines des Aubineaux in Mauritius.
Drinking tea at the Domaines des Aubineaux in Mauritius.

Balaclava Fort

Surrounded by friends at the Intercontinental Balaclava Fort (www) we drank wine and dined on fresh seafood on the island in front of the hotel. Everyone had an amazing time and laughter was the topic of conversation from start to finish. It was one of those times where the food, location and conversation was just perfect; the wine was well chosen as well.    

A Mosaic of Faces

The thing that stands out the most for me, is the host of wonderful people we encountered in Mauritius – from staff at the resorts, to vendors at the markets, strangers we met by chance, while asking for directions. I am amazed, when I look back, at the number of little stories I recorded during that short period, from conversations we had or observations I made. I wrote about the stories behind the faces, and you can read that here. Some people who  stand out include the bossy guide at Pamplemousse gardens who reminds me of an uncle of mine, Mr Jimmy at the One&Only Le Saint Geran and the vendor I met outside Port Louis market, selling a few packets of herbs.  

Tea Tour

A rich history: While it is well known that Mauritius has a complex history that includes slavery, indentured labour and years of struggle trying to create an infrastructure on the island, it is worth visiting some of the places that honour the history such as the Blue Penny Museum, the tea route and the sugar museum, Le Aventure du Sucre. The culinary offerings at the latter two are highly recommended. Read my story on Sugar Cane here.  

Spicy Food

Hot Stuff: The street food and the food in restaurants, both Creole and French are easily complimented by the green chilli paste that the locals love. Just ask for chilli if there isn’t any on the table, but be warned: it’s fiery. Buy bottles of chilli paste from spice vendors in Port Louis market, or better still go over to the mall at the Water Front and seek out the spice shops for well sealed bottles you can take home with confidence.     

Sea Kayaking through Mangroves Trees on Ile d`Ambre

In my opinion Kayaking on turquoise water with a white sandy bottom through Mangrove trees is definitely one of my favorite alternatives in Mauritius.  Half or full day trip with stunning scenery, observing this fascinating plant and discovering history of Ile d`Ambre island  is organized by Yemaya Adventures.

Port Louis and Rose Hill markets

The atmosphere at Port Louis market is unique and it’s a place worth to visit if you want to meet some incredible people, smiles and try very tasty food from Mauritius. Don’t miss Jay’s herbs shop (stall n°244), he’s always eager to share his knowledge and his travels in Europe (and he speaks German). In Rose Hill, as well as the traditional market, there’s a bazar where you can find anything you’re looking for! This one is less touristic than Port Louis’.  

Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne is a Unesco Heritage mountain which highlights the historical significance of slavery. From the top of this sacred mountain situated in the south west of the island you have an amazing view on the indian ocean and its turquoise colors. For me who likes hiking it’s a not to miss site in Mauritius and I highly recommend to go there with Yan de Maroussem from trekking Ile Maurice. It’s a very physical 3 hours walk.  

Lux* Le Morne 

Lux Le Morne is my favorite hotel around Le Morne. It’s a very quite place where I enjoyed resting after a long day out on the island. I enjoyed watching one of Mauritius amazing sunsets on the beach as well as having my breakfast facing the ocean. I also had a very relaxing massage at the Spa and it was an unforgettable time. Don’t miss as well the secret bar with the barman secret cocktail recipe. A great place to play chess or another game! Won’t tell you more it’s a secret place! 🙂

Seakart tour

Honestly I didn’t know what I seakart was until I arrived at the activity operators, Fun Adventures where I found out that it was basically a cross between a jet ski and a bumper car. The best part is  that you get to drive it yourself, giving you the opportunity to drive your own mini speed boat while exploring Mauritius’ gorgeous lagoons. It was so much fun, the perfect  activity for a little adrenalin rush whilst getting to admire the beauty of the West Coast.

Coquille Bonheur

From the moment I arrived in Mauritius, I found the people to be amazingly hospitable. I was seriously impressed by Coquille Bonheur, the tour operator that took me around during my week on the island. They provided me with a driver as well as my own guide during the entire duration of my stay. My guide Denis John was passionate about sharing his love for his country. I asked Denis so many questions and he was able to satisfy my curiosity as to the islands cultures and peoples. This was my third visit to Mauritius, and it really made a difference having a knowledgable guide. Coquille Bonheur were the perfect hosts during my week with them. I was even invited to the owner, Christian Lefèvre’s, house to meet with him and his family. I love that this is a local family owned business who have a passion for good service. 


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